Albertus Magnus College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could travel back in time, I would tell myself not to be afraid of college. Education is the gateway to freedom for many living in the inner city, such as myself. Many resources are avaiable on campuses to help naviagate you on your journey. Take advantage of all the help that is thrown your way. Stand firm in your decision by being decidated to your studies, and utilize your time wisely.


Listen Red, I know it looks grim now, but you will get into college and even though it's not the college you expected to get into, you are going to have the best 4 years of your life. You're going to make some long-lasting friendships where you go on adventures to Rhode Island for the Waterfire festival, you'll learn all about LARPing and Dungeons & Dragons. You'll even have one of your roommates teach you how to crochet, and you'll make some pretty awesome looking scarves. You'll also get pneumonia a few times, and have to deal with hallucinating about dancing Christmas trees (since you'll get sick just before Christmas break), but you'll also sneak a kitten into your dorm in senior year and even work at the bar on campus. You'll get published in a fiction and poetry book on campus and learn all about photography and 2D design. But really the most important thing to know is that you will do well and make great friendships, and for the rest of your life you'll want to go back there and do it all over again.


If I had a chance to go back in time and give advice to myself, it would be enjoying my senior year in high school and not stressing out too much. I learned that senior year is really important. There are many things that an individual would want to accomplish. For example, graduating on time. However, other individuals forget to enjoy the last year of their high school and starts to stress over every little thing. In my senior year, I didn't go to any trips and even to my prom night. It was all because I was actually stressed out with my school work and most of all, I was failing my math class. Then, I decided to do my best and stop stressing because stressing get you nowhere. After learning a lesson from myself, I joined after school activities so that I can get my mind of stuff. I joined a CPR class and to be honest, I've never had so much fun in any other class. That was the best experience I've ever had and I will never forget about it. After, all my hardwork I was the top 3 out of 205 seniors.


Some students start slow at college, and then they push themselves up in the middle of the semester. I would tell my self to start and keep going hard and never stop from the beginning to the end. I would tell myself that there is nothing i need to be focusing on other than my future, because what i do now, going to follow me to my future.


Dear Past self, I understand that you have had some hard times and you have made some questionable choices. please don't allow the opinions of others influence how you feel about yourself, you are a beautiful person and you will eventually find your way. own all of your choices the good and the bad, make the best of your education and your financial aid because they wont pay forever. please don't waste time doing things that are not suited for you, follow your heart it will lead you in the right direction. you have the gift of making people feel good about themselves and their situations, this is a gift that many don't possess so I would urge you to make the best of it. you don't know what a positive difference you make for others but you will eventually learn. The best advice I can give you is to be persistant with your education and please dont procrastinate because you have a tendency to do that. get things done early it will be to your benefit.


If i were able to go back in time to give myself advice about making the transition to college life, I would emphasise the importance of deep reflection. Do not choose a degree for the sole purpose of financial stability. Open your mind and discover your passion! Crack those books before the beer can. Realize your potential and understand that failure is just a mechanism of action which can lead you to innovation if you are astute enough to recognize it. Only you will determine your outcomes. The consequences of your study habits will no longer be determined by your parents or teachers but rather an understanding of the direct effect that they will have on you. Study before the party; your brain is much more capable of focus without a hangover. Strike up a conversation with your neighbor; there is a whole world outside of your hometown and you will form bonds and friendships which have the capacity to last a lifetime. Find yourself, dream big, reach your goals and expand your mind.


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself not to be afraid. The great thing about Albertus is that you can transition at your own pace; also, the small class sizes allow you to get to know your teahers. The professors get to know you by name and you can tell that they want you to do well and succeed, and they are also very passionate in their subjects. I would also tell myself that I would change and grow so much; the experiences that I've had at Albertus helped me grow into a stronger, more confident person. As a writing and theatre major, I feel that I have grown significantly in each major; I also feel that I have gain a stronger sense of independence and maturity. Ultimately, I would tell myself that my experiences at Albertus were amazing, and to be excited for the time that was about to unfold.


My college experince has been an eye opener for me. I am very concern about the steps I am supposed to take to become an orthopedic surgeon. I realized that college is the foundation. It’s the next step to success in my life. Attending a college gives me the opportunities to explore. It also gave me the opportunities to meet new people and join clubs with the same interest. It’s a time to focus on what I really want. It is a time to get help and prepare myself for medical school. Believe it or not it takes fourteen years to become an orthopedic surgeon and I already started my journey


So far, my college experience has been wonderful. My campus is small and the housing facilities are pretty nice. I love the face that I can go to my professors and they know who I am by name. Because of this, it makes being successful academically much easier. I am also a student-athlete, that can be stressful at times which is another reason, the smaller school and smaller class sizes is nice. In retrospect to the stress added on by being a student athlete, it is a lot of fun and you really make life long bonds with many of the people you meet. I go to Dodge City Community College and I agree it's not for everyone, but it certainly is a nice place to start.


Out of college experince I have learned how to be more independent, not to relay on others to do things. I have learn finals week is no joke it is nothing compared to the New York Regents. I being a hispanic, female from the Bronx, NY is harder for me to success in a school where all who attend are white, or black. There's less hispanics at my school then anyother race and sometimes its hard because people dont welcome you. But you should always keep your head up high and work on your school work and join sports and clubs. Thats what I did and i made 2 friends who are always there for me and my teammates make me who I am . One and only hispanic tennis player at my school, which a GPA of 3.6. I have learn not to pay attention to others and college never gives people brakes.


I havent satrted college i will be attending this fall. But i do plan to get alot out of it


It has opened doors to jobs that I would not otherwise be able to apply for. It has also given me confidence to be in the presence of other people.


I would tell myself to find a major ahead of time and focus on achieving it to the greatest extent. Then I would recommend myself to find a school that can help me further achieve and embrace my ampitions while at the same time assisting me with my financial and career goals that would enable me to relieve monetary pressure from my family and allow me to obtain my degree without having issues and a pit of debt after I achieve something. I want to finish school so that I can live my life achieving my career goals, while at the same time raising a family of my own so that I can enjoy life for the treasures that I have been gifted with and make life easier for everyone else by doing what I'm good at, which is making them safe, and keeping everyone living peacefully and happily.


I would probably tell myselft to be prepared, be focused and know what you want. You have to know yourself and your limitations to be successful. Do not overwhelm yourself, but always challenge yourself. To have an enjoyable college experience you have to be prepared for many things. You have to be organized and able to delegate time to your studies. You should select a major that you know you will want to do for the rest of your life. Be selective when choosing a college, make sure you feel comfortable their and that they have courses and accomidations that suite your needs. Study, Study, Study!!!


I would have entered college straight after high, the learning process is still fresh. I decided to re-attend college in my late twenties, in my experience I became more distracted and not as focused on college as I should have been.


Make sure that you look at schools before you pick one! Take a tour!


Stay focused and complete homework assignments early to avoid unneeded stress and being overwhelmed. Don't be afraid to go after dreams, this is the time to make them a reality.


The first thing I would tell myself is that I need to look for more scholarships becuase now I have too many loans and I am looking for scholarships now but I am doing this late. I also would tell myself to apply myself more to achieve better grades so that my college could give me more money. Rules and quotes I would give myself would be, Procrasination gets you no where! Studying does help, craming does not. Also learning to budget now will prepare me for later. Also start to diet now because the freshmen fifteen theory is true.


Stay active, never let go of what you believe, and choose your own options, dont follow the crowd.


I would give myself the advice to: Make sure you do whatever it is that you want to do. There are no limitations, other than yourself. If you follow a career path because you want to make a lot of money, or because you're pressured into it; you're setting yourself up for failure. In order to succeed in the college lifestyle and post college life, you need to be confident in yourself and know where you stand on important issues. You need to follow what you love, no matter what any friend, parent or advisor tells you. The people who are most successful, end up this way because they took the initiative to realize what they wanted and applied it to their education. You can't go into a college hoping you'll 'figure it out along the way', you need to know exactly what you want out of yourself, your education and your community and go after it. My biggest regret was jumping into a college without knowing the implications ahead of time, and coming out in debt without the benefits of the promised "education." College, life and education is what you make it.


be smarter on how to save money


If I could go back, I would tell myslef to relax and just enjoy the college experience, and to not worry so much. I would also tell myself to consider going away to college so that I would get the full college experience.


Enjoy life to the fullest.


As scary as it all seems at first, preparing and eventually going to college seems like any other natural process of life, whether it be going through a growth sprurt, falling in love, or anything else that just sort of happens. In the end, it all seems to make sense and have a purpose--and it always unfurls itself the way it's supposed to. No matter where someone ends up, the education they receive will ultimately be up to them. In any case, college is the individual's preparation for how one will decide to interact with the world they exist in. Basically, it's the time allowed in life to figure it all out for yourself.


Take the prospective student on a tour of the college/university first. The student will automatically know if the school is the right one for them.


There are several factors that go into finding the right school. Sure, academics is a big part, but what kind of help will you recieve when your trying to strive towards that goal. Sometimes, you need to find a school where you will be more than just a number. A school where you can develop a relationship with your teachers is a school worth attending. They become like a mentor to you. A social life is something to consider while looking for a school, but you shouldn't base your entire choice on whether your can party ever night. Look to the future; you may be in college for four years, but it will affect the outcome for the rest of your life.


Know who you are, students. You will spend an extensive amount of time in college, and it is important that the campus and culture of the institution matches who you are. Having a firm understanding of what you are looking for in a school will allow you to get the most out of your education. Taking full advantage of the opportunity to attend college is vital to your future, and it is important to be in a setting condusive to your personal culture. I also believe it is important for parents to support their children in this journey. Encourage your children to do their best, and realize they are the ones working toward their futures. Their fate ultimately lies in their hands, and it is important for them to have a strong support system. Overall, don't panic! This refers to students and parents. College is like a new community for everyone. Students have to learn about this new culture, and parents have to let them and learn to adjust as well. The journey may be hard at times, but it is important to run the strong race.


You need to find a college that best suits you and your personality plain and simple. If you are quiet a big school is not going to be good for but if you want to over come that you would go to a big school. the easiest way to make the best of your college years is to stay focused and be yourself and not worr about what others say around always stay true to the most important person and that is yourself

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