Albertus Magnus College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


There isn't only one thing that is best about Albertus Magnus College. First, albertus magnus has many sports that an individual will be interested to play. For example, softball, baseball, basketball (men & women), soccer, tennis, volleyball, and cross-country for men and women. Also, the faculty is always here to help you whenever you need help. They are always available for you when you need someone to help you out with things, they will be there for you. We have great professors, who have Ph.D degree. I believe that professors help us better than teachers in high school.


I would have to say all the acitivites they have are fun for everyone. The midnight madness create to supoort the basketball team. My school is very small of about 1,000 daytime students and we all seem to get along very well. It felt home as soon as I steped on campus.


The best thing about my school is the size. My school has about 2000 students and few of us live on campus so most of us know eachother on a personal level. Our Professors also know us on personal levels because there is only a few od us which makes the school easier and more interesting and more comfortable because everyone knows your first and last name.


Enough people care there for an individual to get a fantastic education.

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