Albion College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Albion College is absolutely the best college for me!


My school is a small, personable private liberal arts school that is known for it's small class size, good education, and future networking.


Albion College is a Liberal Arts school that is most definately not too strict, but also not too laid back- A wonderful college community where students, faculty, and staff actually care about one another beyond grades or success.


Very expensive but good education.


If there was a perfect school made for people that were always thinking and striving to complete their goals, Albion would be as close to that perfection as possible.


Albion College is a small, private liberal arts college that encourages thinking outside your normal box.


Albion College is a small, private liberal arts school a half hour south of Lansing in lower Michigan which has a strong academic reputation, good job placement, and a lot of alumni pride.


Great school, bad area.


Albion is a small liberal-arts college that offers a little bit of everything so everyone can find their niche.


Albion has all that a big school can offer and those things that only a small school can offer.


Albion has a great, caring faculty, and strong academics, but the college itself is limited by its administration. The school is highly segregated by sorority/fraternity membership. Students will most likely come out of Albion college with a great education, but full of frustration and unprepared to live in the "real world."


A small private liberal arts school where academics is very important and teachers are laid back in a comfortable way but motivated to help their students suceed.


Albion College provides wonderful academic and athletic opportunities that make its students more well-rounded individuals who will find great success in the real world.


My college is struck my the small mid-west college feel where students come frome suburan Detroit off of trust fund money but then there are those exceptional few who have inspirations and aren't caught up in the sorority/fraternity life- they have a chance to meet more people across campus and connect to change the way others think.


a lot of amazing oppurtunities.


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