Albion College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Involved and willing to get to know anyone and everyone.


Students at this school are pretty nice, usually focused on school work, but also know how to relax and have fun when they can.


Most of my classmates (in college) are from upper class families. Alot of them have no work ethic or know what it is like to work for their own money.


My classmates are completely different from what I could ever imagine, but they are intelligent, interesting, fun, and it's amazing to see how much determination and drive this people at Albion have.


My classmates are the type of people who have matured beyond what those in highschool have accomplished and are eager to learn, but also to make friends and have a complete college experience.


Smart, wealthy students who tend to be more focused on their social lifes then their academics.


My classmates are strange, mixed, and intelligent.


My classmates are driven and charimatic in the classroom. Outside of the classroom they know how to balance studying with hanging out with friends.


Everyone is helpful and there to help you and be as friendly as possible.


Either extremely wealthy, in a fraternity or sorority, or a student athlete.


Fun and easy to get along with.


My classmates are very intelligent, usually nice, and some are helpful.


susceptible to the inevitable moral decline found on campus


They are comprised of a lot of great and brilliant people that I will surely remember for years to come.


There are some nerds, and some peeople who like to party.


College, as said my most, "is the best time of your life" because for one time you live with people you have never met before and become freinds.; you become a community- too bad you have to leave and go into real life.


My classmates are friendly and fun. They are willing to help if you need it and are just an all-around good asset in the college experience. Since it is a small school you will get to know names and faces, and will see each other in many different places outside the classroom as well.


Friendly and attentive. For the most part they are all there to get an education and to to party. Therefore, it makes classroom discussions engaging and exciting.


My classmates are goofy, fun, and diverse in thought; bright young people looking to make their mark on the world.


students are friendly and intelligent people with a desire to learn.