Albion College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


My most cherished memories during my time at Albion was my study abroad experience in Cape Town, South Africa. While there I learned the joys and trials of travel, how to deal with high levels of crime while still having fun, and how to truly enjoy natuer. That experience opened my eyes to how truly diverse the world was and how little diversity and daily struggle I was exposed to at my home university. Volunteering in Cape Town, was a favorite memory, because I saw how I could make someone else's day.


I say that they really care about you as an individual. They don't just make you feel like you're just another person. They make you feel like you belong here.


The accessibility of the professors. I've had countless professors give me their home phone numbers and actually encourage their students to use the numbers if they had any questions in the evening.


community atmosphere, fantastic alumni, career bound, smart, social


The class sizes and my realationships with professors.


When I tell my friends about my school I focus on the closeness between faculty and students; particularly the fact that I have only met one professor who does not ask to be called by their first name. Furthermore, we have an unusually high number of undergraduate research opportunities. We also have Institutes which allow students to concentrate on particular areas within their majors, such as neuroscience, business and public service.


I brag about how friendly everyone is, and how small the classes are. I enjoy the personal attention I get from professors that I could not get at a larger school. I also like to brag about how much there is to do on campus, despite how small the school is.


How involved I am in school, and the small class sizes.


The quality of education, class size, and the on-campus apartments.


How much we partied.


The small size and the Women's Track team to Florida during Spring Break.


I enjoy the fact that we are have the National Champion Whitewater Canoeing team for two years in a row, and I also tell people about the impressive Geology Department and Environmental Institute.


I brag the most about our athletic programs and our high graduate acceptance rate. Being a graduate student at a school that does not fair well in athletics, it is nice to boast about how our athletic programs were great and we are just as good academically as they are.


Small class sizes and lots of one-on-one time with professors


students and professors share a mutual respect and are constantly seeking to better themselves and the world.