Albion College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The meal plan food. The food on the meal plan that students get is not as good as the food not on the meal plan. On your meal plan you get things like rice bowls that don't taste great, but off the meal plan, there are things like chicken tenders and chili fries! The meal plan itself is a couple thousand dollars so I feel like I should get what I'm paying for you know?


The only thing that I do not really like about Albion College is the city of Albion. It is really tiny, and it is not a college town by any means.


The school is pretty good but if I had to pick something it would be that as a whole we could be more open to new things and different cultures.


The worst thing about my school is their financial aid office. The financial aid office seems to be the enemy of most of the students here. I have spent more time in financial aid than in my own classroom. That is mainly beacuse financial aid is always expecting the students to pay their money immediately, like $3000, once they enter the school. That is just ridiculous and then they won't even tell you where these numbers are coming from so you just have to pay some random fee it seems.


The High tution, because I believe that tution rates should be more managable for people to be able to attend college and recieve better educations. Especially in today?s economy where it is extermely difficult to obtain a job anywhere.


My school is not diverse. The minority population on campus is very small. Minorities feel that they have to stick together and be around people who they are culturally accustomed to. Political views on this campus is very conservative. There is a large population of republicans on this campus. Most students here have parents that has a high perfession. Overall, this school needs to become more diverse.


This school is way over priced for what you get.


Surround area, you don't feel safe. Difficult to live off campus and get food other than cafeteria.


The surrounding community. There isn't much to do.


The location is horrible. The town is horrendous, dangerous, and boring. There is absolutely nothing in the town of Albion to do, a few lousy bars and a run down movie theater.


There arent many food options on campus. I get tired of the same food everyday.


too small


as a senior about to graduate, what frustrates me most about Albion is it's horrible career placement and/or advising


High. rising cost of tuition


The worst thing is how controlling the school is becoming, frat houses are being monitored much more closely, and living off campus is nearly impossible. Also the town does not provide students with anything to do, it ican also be a little bit dangerous.


Albion College focuses more on prospective students and alumni than it does current students. It needs to stop worrying about money, and focus on the education of the students that are there.


The administration is a pain the ass to work with. They do not care about accomodating students needs and getting anything accomplished with them is generally a struggle, especially residential life.


Size and the administrations attempts to increase student population without appropriate additions to the facilities and faculty.


The worst thing about the school is the fieldhouse. It is old and starting to show it's age. They really need to upgrade it and expand it, especially the weight room.


Albion College is an excellent liberal arts college, but they don't take into account the people who need more money to attend this school. This school costs $37,000 a year. It's outrageous to pay for such a school when you can't get anyone in your life to cosign on a private loan. The Financial Aid office is horrible becuase most people who attend this school are very rich, but they never take into consideration the people who need more finacial aid. The location of the school is horrible as well.