Albion College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who is willing to learn and to be taught. Being academic is a must and is highly encouraged. Professors take learning very seriously, and expect the student to do as well.


A person who wants individualized attetion. The class sizes are small, even the introductory courses, so there's no chance in being lost in the shuffle of people.


A person should only attend this school if they are determined to work extremely hard, as the courses can be unforgiving otherwise.


An Albion College student should be one who is hard working. One should be willing to learn multiple subjects that does not relate to the major in order to diversify the students' knowledge. Most students are friendly, social, involved in activities and participate in projects either with groups or by themselves. A student at Albion should strive to go forward in their career and use the resources that are available at the college.


A person that should attend this school should be a student that is committed to their studies. This school requires a lot of hours of studying. Students have to be willing to challenge theirselves. You have to come to this school focused. You have not time to get distracted away from your studies. Classes are tough and require you to put forth maximum effort.


There are many different kinds of people that attend school here, and they all seem to do fine. The most important things is that you are dedicated and determined to succeed. You don't have to know what you want to do with your life because there are people here to help with that. Most people can find someone to get along with here, and there are programs for everyone, but it has to feel right for you.


Someone who would like a small school with small classes, lots of one-on-one with teachers, and who love to have discussion classes.


A wide range of people could attend my school they just have to come knowing that it is a small college. Students have to be willing to make there own fun and realize that good study habits are nessecary to get good grades. People can either be out going or not so much because there are many things avaible to get involved in and find where you fit in.


Someone who wants personal attention in classes, and doesn't mind making their own fun.


Someone who feels comfortable learning in a very rural, economically impacted community. Don't expect to attend many concerts or attractions that aren't campus-sponsored. Furthermore, don't walk alone at night. If you like Greek life, bottoms up.


An open-minded person who loves to learn


any kind of person who likes small classes and lots of attenton