Albion College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who likes a smaller, community type school should attend Albion College. You can play a varsity sport while being in a frat or sorority and a club. It is a liberal arts college that teaches you more than you would ever expect.


You should not go to Albion College if you are not a hard worker or an independent person.


Anti-social people. People who like big cities. People who need to be surrounded by a lot of other people.


Anyone who came from a large school, since Albion College is no where near the size of a university, its size is roughly 2,000 people. In addition, to that if the person is use to an urban life life style. If the person has a phobia of squeriels since they have grown accustomed to people and are less likely to run from them.


Unmotivated and unreliable people the type of person who sits around and barely squeaks by to obtain their degree.


The type of student that should not attend Albion College is one who loves to party hard, not take their studies seriously, is slothful and is willing to waste money on the tuition. The expensive tuition reflects on the studies at the college, which a careless person could not accomplish or keep up with.


You shouldn't attend Albion if you are only want to take classes pertaining to your major. At Albion, you are required to take classes from different disaplines to enhance your understanding past your major. If you dislike the idea of a small, personal school, Albion is also not for you. Most of the classes are consitent with high school class sizes or smaller.


Someone who is expecting lots of people and a huge party scene on the weekends.


People who want to gain independence or do more rigorous research would be better off at a school that allows students to live off-campus and provides more access to research opportunities and journal periodicals.


Someone is not driven or willing to do lots of work to succeed academically, and people who are anti-social.


Someone who can't think for themselves. We have people here who are passionate about what they do, whether that is through classwork, volunteering or something completely different. Albion lets the student choose, and it makes the student a better person for it.


Someone looking for a lot of variety in classes, specialized courses outside of directed studies or 8-12 person discussions. BIG sports fans, music performance/ed majors... students who are not serious about attending classes. Albion is a fishbowl- when you do something stupid or skip class, EVERYONE knows it. Persons who don't appreciate religion, diversity, or the liberal arts should steer clear of Albion College.