Albion College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about Albion College?


Small student body which creates gossip and rumors.


The most frustrating thing about my school is how difficult it is to get off the meal plan. The school requires a petition process and exemptions are only granted for extreme allergies and for students living off campus.


The school is entirely made up of college athletes and the socially akward and there is very little social life outside of the greek community and drinking.


not having as many programs set up for marketing and advertising students as finance students, the food, and not being able to live off campus


Related to the career development office: the job fairs and interview opportunities were heavily weighted toward the hard sciences and the business world. As someone graduating in the humanities, I had to be more creative in looking for opportunities.


It's in a small town, there is not much to do for fun. Events are too centered around fraternaties.


The administration.....some of the things they did were corrupt.....


The most frustrating thing about Albion College is dealing with the administration. While the faculty is excellent and nearly always extremely helpful, the administration is notorious for giving students the runaround with financial aid, classes needed for graduation, and even campus housing. I would like to see changes made here, as well as with the food on campus. Right now, students have only one meal plan, at 21 meals per week. Hardly anyone actually eats this many meals a week; we are therefore losing money.


Remote location, about thirty miles from any major city


The most frusterating thing about this school is the lack of community outside of the campus. There really isnt much of a town, and anything a little upscale or nice is 15 min away in the closest big town. There are a couple resturants/shops and stuff that are nice, but overall its a disappointment.