Albion College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Albion is the college community. Everyone is so kind and available to help, students and faculty included. You can fit in anywhere, no matter who you are or you interests, there's something for you.


I love many aspects of Albion College, from the small class sizes to the various student organizations, but without its fantastic professors, my first year at Albion College would not have been nearly as valuable. All professors genuinely care about the students whom they teach and are willing to meet outside of class to discuss not only the subject you are currently studying, but also other areas of interest and even college life in general.


The best thing about Albion college to me is definitely the environment. The people whether it be the professors, students, staff, everyone is always super friends and makes you feel welcomed.


The best thing I consider about my school would be that the quality education that you get from going to the school, and also the small class sizes so that you can get in contact with your teachers if you have questions.


The best thinga about my school is the small campus that it provides to the students. The campus has a quad which allows the students to get to their next class with much more ease than other colleges. Not only that, but most of our classes at Albion are around classroom size so that the transition from college to high school is not too much for the incoming freshmen.


The best thing about Albion is its size. There are much smaller class sizes, which can lead to closer relationships with professors. Also, I can get to know other students much easier.


I love the small town feel of the entire campus. It makes going to school a cozy and intimate experience, instead of fighting with hundreds of other students to get into a lecture. The teachers are genuinely interested in the students and the students want to succeed. We work together as a tight-knit community.


Albion College is a small, liberal arts college with a campus full of possibilities. The best thing about my school is the amount of activities and programs someone can be involved in. A large percent of the 2,000 student population is in a sorority or fraternity. This is a great way to meet people you wouldn?t normally meet. Our campus organizations span from volunteer organizations like Habitat for Humanity to religious groups like Catholic Connections. We host the Albion Review, a national literary magazine. Albion students are well known for being overscheduled because of all these great opportunities!


It is a small school so class sizes are generally small. That allows for closer relationships with peers and faculty. The professors here are very helpful, and intelligent. They have students' best interests in mind, and care about your success in the future. Because it is a small school undergradutes get opportunities here that they wouldn't at larger universities. The research and hands-on learning opportunities are also abundant here.


I like the size because I am used to being in a small school, and the fact that Albion was small was what I based my decision on to attend.


Everyone is really friendly. The staff and upperclassmen are really helpful as new students come in. There are many people willing to help out a new face. All you have to do is ask. Professors are very willing to meet with students outside of their office hours, if you talk to them ahead of time. I love how flexible the professors are. It's very nice to have many resources when you're in need of something.


The relationships I made with the students and the quality of education I received.


Albion offers amazing opportunities to get involved on campus in a variety of activities: theatre, sports, greek life, religious life, research, service projects, etc. The school has small classes and the professors are willing to engage with students and get to know them on a personal level. You're more than just a number at Albion, and it's easy to become a part of campus life and meet interesting people. The classes tend to be interesting and engaging, and the college has a great English department (one of my majors) and Sociology department (my other major).


The number of extracurricular activities available and the positive relationship between students and faculty.


The best thing that iconsider about my school is that it getting help in classes is very easy to do. This is due to it is small and class sizes can range from 8 people to 40 but the average is around 20 or so. The professors know all there students by name which makes asking and getting help so much easier. All tutors and study seesions are always availabe.


I considered the community at the school the best thing because it made me feel at home and made the transition to living on my own easier.


The professors- hands down the most knowledgeable and passionate teachers I have ever had.


Sports teams


The professors are always willing to talk to students at any time; many professors even invite students over for dinner. This willingness eliminates the feeling that professors are authority figures who are hierarchically above the students. Thus, the learning process is fostered in a much more nurturing environment, one that really allows students to grow and change intellectually.