Albright College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Albright College is a small, private, liberal arts institution that encourages students to break from their shells both socially and academically.


My school is very friendly, small, peaceful, it's ike being at home; there is always a sense of secuity, you are never scared to walk to the library at night or to campus; the teachers ae very helpful and are willing to work with you when ever needed, they care about you learning what you need to know, it is like one big family.


Albright is a small, liberal school with a diverse, fairly friendly student body; great teachers; and a pretty good college experience all around.


A great learning institution with a beautiful setting.


Students are more concerned about their social life than their academic future; unfortunately alcohol and partys are too common as well.


it's a private small school that's similar to a small high school; drama and all.