Albright College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


All of the students are very friendly. Don't be afraid to ask anyone for help, someone will be able to help you out.


The students are very friendly. We are all like family. I see students helping out other students very often. The students here are not the type of students who like to sit in the back of the classroom and say nothing all year. The students are very engaging in school. The students are also very down to earth! I feel at home here because the student are very easy to get along with.


My classmates are energetic, they love to learn, they are well educated with their speech and writing, and they have a desire to learn.


My classmates are friendlly and very diverse with friends in varying cliques.


I wish there were more diversity on campus, but there are clubs students can join to get to know a variety of people. I am in the International Student Association, South Asian Student Association, and Art Club, to name a few. These clubs have introduced me to many people I might not have known otherwise. Different groups of students mingle with each other, but of course, there is always your main group that you frequent. Students are also very interested in the world around them. They are talking about important topics like politics, health, and science. It is pretty difficult to feel out of place here.


You turn to ask for a pencil from the guy next to you and crack a joke about the class, and just like that, you have a new friend!


My classmates were strong amazing women that I am proud to have spent two years learning together with.


Classmates are great to balance in classrooms. Because I ama helper I will help and help support them to succeed. I love hearing diffferent points of views and discussing them.


To sum it up, my classmates are absolutely incredible because they are there to work with me and help me succeed as I am there for them.


The students at Albright mostly major in business, the sciences, and political science and are very interested in learning and understanding other subjects as well as their own concentrations.


There are many students in my class, but the classmates I know are dedicated, hard working students. Although they love to have fun while doing their work. They are easy to ge along with and fun to be around. Many of them already have their goals set for the next year. Meeting these people was probably one of the best things to happen to me.


Everyone is nice and helpful, it's like a school full of tour guides.


My classmates are relaxed and friendly.


My classmates are studious, eager people whom want to excel in their area(s) of studies.


They are usually very respectful and generous with each other, especially with school work and studying.


My classmates are individuals that have unique personalities with a common undertone which helps us all to work well together, with each one adding their own part to the picture; they are for the most part willing to help each other out.


They are eager to meet new people but they are not always as fun and social as you may like them to be, especially if you are very social yourself.


Most people are nice and willing to help out others, but some keep to themselves and their own group of friends without going outside of the box.


Diverse, friendly, intelligent and always smiling.


Eager to learn, friendly, accepting


Half care more about school and half care more about their social life; everyone is able to maintain a balance that fits them.