Albright College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Albright is best known for being a small campus, that is very friendly.


not sure. strong alumni


My school is best known for there science mjors and art/theater/etc majors. There science and art programs here are very good and well known. They also have a high acceptance rate to gaduate shools and to those acquiring a job after they graduate. A majority of those who applying to graduate school get accepted.


My school is best known for the close knit community that we have here. We are also known for the high level of education that you will receive while attending.


Probably for being a smaller, private college with "a different way of thinking" as the motto says. Other than that, I cannot say for sure.


Albright College is a liberal arts college, so according to me any major is welcome here. The most popular ones are education and psychology. I think no the science program is growing a lot more.


football, partys, theater and our freedmon gallery.