Albright College Top Questions

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I currently attend a liberal arts college. At Albright College, I am not only learning about my major, but I am also learning about other majors as well. I am able to critically think, and challenge about what I am being taught. The classes that I am taking have no more than 15 students and I can recieve one on one attention from my professors. I am encouraged to learn in and out of the classroom.


Albright is small, and each student knows almost every other student in a good way that creates a tight-knit community that looks otu for each other and has some good times.


student to teacher ratio


The small environment keeps everybody aware of each other. It is nice to see familiar faces as everybody goes about their beaten path day-to-day. You find yourself talking with people you don't even know, but by the end of the conversation, you cannot wait until the next time you cross paths.


Closer relationships with professors and classmates.


The most unique thing about my school is that you can combine and create your own major so that you can have a personalized learning experience.