Albright College Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


Albright College is a liberal arts school, meaning that there are a lot of general education courses that have absolutely nothing to do with one's major. I found that aspect appealing because I believe it helps to make a student more well-rounded. However, a language is required (unless you test out), which is a big turn off for many students. It is true that the professor is the deciding factor on whether or not a class will be enjoyable. Do your research with the upperclassmen when picking your classes and professors. All of my professors have been very accessible and even put their phone numbers on their syllabus. The school has very high standards and Dean's List is a 3.75 at Albright.


I get good grades, but I work for them. There is a wonderful tutoring program at Albright (I am actually a tutor for Spanish and Sociology!), and the professors are pretty open to helping students out. Professors are also very receptive to doing outside work. For example, I teamed up with my Spanish professor to research art in Barcelona. There are also academic clubs and general studies requirements, which require that students take liberal arts courses regardless of their major. I like this, because I am an Art/Spanish major, and have very little interest in math, science, or history. However, after taking these classes, I feel that I am better prepared for the "real world" than someone who only received an art education.