Albright College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The only bad thing I can think of about Albright is that some of the older buildings need renovations done to them; which is an ongoing activity at the college.


The worst thing about my school, is its surrounding area. Because the school is already small, the campus is pretty confining. However, there are so many clubs and activities that this does not pose much of a problem. Just off campus, however it is not a really nice area, and even walking just down the street to the grocery store or pharmacy can be dangerous if attempted alone. As long as people go in groups, it is usually not too much of a problem.


I think that the fact the school is very expensive to attend is the worst part.


It is difficult to get an on-campus job unless you know someone already working there or are in a fraternity or sorority.


The worst thing about Albright is that it is not handi-cap accessible to all people with handi-caps. The dorms do not have elevators and some do not have ramps into them. Some class rooms are not accessible to handi-capped persons.


The only thing that I strongly dislike about my school is that it is located in the city of Reading, which is not always the safest place, but it is located on the north side, and above the truly bad streets, so it isn't too terrible, but sometimes limits where you would want to live off campus and if you can walk alone.


It's really small so everyone knows everyone else's business


I feel like many activities and social life are based on greek life and/or groups and cliques. Even though everyone is invited to most things, it still feels like only certain people are actually wanted at certain activities. The school is very diverse, but very cliquey.


the cafeteria food, dealing with campus "run-around" trying to get answers


The wost thing about my school would have to be how expensive it is to go there. Financial aid can only go so far and it's hard to think how much money in debt you will be in after graduating from Albright.