Albright College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


If you enjoy close knit communities and devloping quality (over quantity) relationships, this school will be a good fit. The class sizes are small and the professors get to know you as more than just a name on the roster.


I believe that the type of person that should attend Albright College is someone who is determined and would like to see change. I can say from my first year of experience at this college that I already see a change within myself. Not only am I even more determined than when I started a year ago but I have broken out of my introverted shell. I have made a lot of great friends and have tried many different things. Albright is a place for someone who wants some form of change and perhaps a difference in the world.


Albright College is a great fit for someone who like to have a close group of friends. There are not too many students here and so someone who has trouble making friends may find it difficult to fit in. Someone who is social and friendly will have an easy time making friends and they will become close to other students very quickly.


This school is perfect for a person who is open-minded, willing to have everything they have ever believed challenged and willing to have a good time doing it.


Anyone. This school is a liberal arts college and is welcoming to any and all students. The ideal student would be one that wants to learn as well as be social. Basically this school is great for anyone!


A person who is layed back and outgoing would enjoy this school. There is something to do in your free time most of the time. It isn't a large school, therefore if you want to attend a large campus this one isn't for you.


A person who wants to be free to be themselves, and who wants valued support from friends and faculty while away from home.


Committed to education; a place where the students want a close relationship with the professors


Albright College is a small school so If you're interested in a more personal experience, a hands on with students/professors and your major, this is the school to attend. The school is willing to work with you on anything you need help with.


Someone who is comfortable in a small school and is friendly. In a small school you tend to meet alot of outgoing people with various personalities.


Someone who cares about both academics and an active social life. There are a wide variety of courses, extra-curricular activities, and social events to attend, and plenty of opportunities to participate in the ones you want. If you attend this school, you should be able to appreciate everything that's offered to you, and be thankful for the close-knit community the small campus provides. It's a rare gift and shouldn't be taken lightly.


Someone who wants the real college experience away from your parents but dont want to go to a big university where you are one of thousands.