Albright College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


All people can attend, if I had to exclude someone that shouldn't go to Albright it would be someone who is not prepared to try their hardest.


If you are not ready for virgous work do not apply.


One that is not motivated. One that does not really care about about their success.


Albright College is placed on a small campus in Reading, Pennsylvania. Walking around, one easily becomes familiar with the atmosphere and the other students around them. There are many majors to choose from that allow you to go into any job you dream of. The different clubs and organizations availalble allow you to meet other students as well. Simply walking around the campus gives one a warm feeling that they are party of a wonderful community.


A person who wants to be just a number. The school is very small & intitmate.


Someone who procrastinates probably shouldn't attend this school. Yes, you're taking four classes, but some professors will assign a LOT of homework, which can pile up really quickly if you're not careful. If that happens, a good idea would be to do the stuff that's due NOW, and use any extra time to catch up. Fortunately, some professors are very flexible with late homework, but still, turning stuff in late is obviously not a good habit to get into.


A really overly religious person.


Someone who is not serious about getting an education and being involved on campus.