Albright College Top Questions

What should every freshman at Albright College know before they start?


Be more focused and be more alert towards scholarships and wished I had been given more information about certain scolarships.


Study Calculus, and make sure you focus on homework. Also get a get a french tutor.


If I could go back in time to the 12th grade me, the advice I would give myself is to ask for help. Throughout my 11th and 12th grade year my mother had two surguries. I allowed my grades to fall so I could take care of her. I was tired all the time and did not complete the homework that was given to me and I never asked for help. I thought I could do it all, but I could not. My sister was home from college, but she was not much help. I knew if I had the help I could finish high school strong and maybe get a full ride to college, but that is not what happened. So 12th grade me should ask for help, stop procrastinating, and finish high school strong.


My senior year of high school followed some extremely stressfull early years, and was the easiest, most exciting year of school for me. But if I could give myself some advice it would be this - a couple months ago I saw a post online about some of my all-time favorite superheroes. If they can battle depression, survive a suicide attempt, grow up abused, and still save the world, so can you. Growing up, you survived some of the worst experiences a child could go through. And now look at you, you made it. Going to college witth your mental health situation is going to wear you down. You're going to want to start old, dangerous habits. You're going to want to drop out. Don't. Trying to go back will be a lot harder. So please, talk to your friends, talk to your grandma, she understands. Then get professional help. It's time to be your own superhero.


To look into other olleges better, and to make sure the thing I told my self was really what I wanted to do with my career/life.


The best advice I can give my high school self, or any student, is to make sure you participate in as many internships as possible. You may learn a lot in the courses you take but you will learn so much about the career you are going to enter. You will learn whether or not that career is the career to which you wish to dedicate your energy. And in some cases you may discover a lot about yourself along the way. Also when you get that first syllabi, try your hardest not to panic, it may seem like a lot of work but the professors know what they are doing; and you will become accustom to the work load. Make sure you use the resources that are available to you because they are fantastic. Do your best and try not to stress because in the end you will do great!


Kaitlin, bad news is going to come your way: you are not going to be able to attend your dream art school. But, DO NOT PANIC! You are going to Albright College, and you should give it a chance; look at it with fresh eyes., Yes it is a small school, but that means more close friends and more attention from professors. Yes, it is in a suburban setting, but that gives you more time to focus on the beauty of nature. No, it does not specialize in art, but you will be receiving an education that includes more than just art (you will discover that you really enjoy Spanish!). You will learn things you never thought would interest you, but they will, and they will help you in the long run, because you will not just be sketching all day. You will be discovering new talents and passions, and they will take you further than you ever imagined.


I have learned a lot academically as well as about myself


I have yet to go to college. I have recently enrolled and can not explain how excited I am to be going back. I have always wanted to be in the medical field, changed my mind plenty of times, but recently I came to the conclusion that being in the medical field is what I am supposed to do in life. I will get so much of going back to school. I chose Keiser Career College because I feel I will get the best education possible want to help others, free them of pain. It will be valuable to attend because I will gain the knowledge and experience through a 3 month externship. Aftr school I want to work with kids and change thier lives for the better. Choosing the Surgical Technology program at KCC I will constantly be learning new advancements in medicine while in school, afterwards and through out my career. I can't wait for my new life to start!


Through my experience at Albright I have gained confidence and understanding. I attended Albright's Bethlehem Campus and graduated from Albright's accelerated degree program with my BA in Applied Psychology and Organizational Behavior. I spent two years with an amazing cohort and I would not trade this educational experience for another. I was the youngest member of my adult cohort which consisted of all women, strong women. From this experience I gained a few mothers and big sisters. We encouraged and pushed eachother to succeed, and every member of our cohort graduated together, proud of our accomplishments. Many of us were working full-time and had families to take care of, but that did not stop us from putting together endless group projects and research papers. In my two years at Albright I learned a great deal about myself and about the human mind, behavior, and interaction. I feel that I better understand the world of psychology, the ethics involved, the challenges and rewards, the endless research, and the wonder and joy of discovering the intricate workings of human nature. I believe my time at Albright was well spent, I feel I have gained a family and an education.