Albright College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known more about other colleges that would better suit what I would like to do in life.


I wish I had known how much the tuition would increase each fiscal year.


Before arriving at Albright College, I had attended a high school where everyone had known each other since we started kindergarten. I was worried about coming to a new school where I did not know anyone. It is good to remember that everyone is nervous at first and that they all want to make new friends. At first, I was worried that making friends would be more difficult than I imagined; however, you just must be patient and remember that it takes time to make long lasting friendships with new people you ahve never met before.


I wish that I had known how much I was going to miss home, my family, and my friends so I could have properly prepared for the homesickness to hit.


Before I came to this school, I wish I would have known that the tuition would increase so dramatically every year. Had I known this, I would have tried to schedule more hours of work during the summers and during the school year itself. Another thing I wish someone would have told me was that in order to keep yourself healthy and sane, you must become involved in extra curriculars or else you'll find yourself alone and depressed alot. make the most of the small town community that is Albright College and make your own "family" of friends.


How wonderful everyone is.


To be perfectly honest, nothing actually. When I first visited the campus I fell in love with the atmosphere immediately. It was as though it were a perfect fit.


I wish I knew that I would have the best times of my life when attending Albright College and that I would meet the love of my life there. Because I did. :-) I wish I knew that I would go through a study abroad program that would leave me wanting more. I wish I had known that I would become a leader and role model on campus. Then perhaps I would have been a little more patient.


That there were so many fraternities and sororities and that they can sometimes rule the school.