Alcorn State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


An unorganized, non recycling, unadvanced technilogical university, with the happiest students who have their own style, close minded except when they want to drink, tiny party school with cocky football players, coaches who have played/coached less then the athletes, worst food ever, teachers who would do anything for their students kind of school.


Alcorn State University is a place where you order college experience with a side of excellence, and a large party.


The #1 HBCU that offers many educational advancements for African American students.


Alcorn State University is a great school and it makes you feel like you a part of a big family.


This school has two sides its half party and the other half are the focused people.


My school is very interesting and diverse, and everyone on campus is very lively and easy to get along with.


Alcorn is a great school. Its family oriented, but it takes a strong minded individual to make it there and you have to want to make it. There are very few teachers that care about if you make it in your field so if you make it, take full advantage of it!


My school is a very secluded family enviroment with a lot of helpful staff.




The resort!