Alcorn State University Top Questions

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I really haven't considered any other schools.


Alcorn State University is a real good school. They make me belive to be good learning enviornment. The school has a encouraging upper classmen. Alcorn responds to your request early and want you to really intend the school. They are a diverse school between the races. They gave me scholarships to pay to go there.


What makes my school unique is it's location and history. My school is situated in a more country part of Mississippi. Surrounding the school is nothing but forest. The nearest town is about 25 to 30 miles away. Because of the locaion, many activities are brought to the school. The location also allows for everyone to be closer. Alcorn State University is the oldest historically black land-grant institution in the United States.


The atmosphere is very family-like and it's a small campus so you get all the help and attention you need. Whether it's help with a class or help in your personal life. Everyone on campus is supportive and very religious.


Alcorn State Univeristy is a one of a kind location. It is naturally beautiful and a college quickly gaining national recognition. The famiy atmosphere and the support of the student body is so strong on this campus that you will be bonded with these students for life.


Alcorn State University is like a family school, mostly everyone here gets along well with one another.


We are a family and its like home away from home.


Alcorn is a land grant school which fits my Major Agricultural Economics. With that i can expand my knowledge about Agriculture with a hands on experience. Not very many schools allow u to do accomplish that as a student