Alcorn State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I believe students who hail from any city out of Mississippi should be out going and willing to be in a new environment. They should also be able to buckle down and prepared to spend time doing work and studying during their past time. As for in-state students, I believe they should be those who want to be away from home but to far so they can return whenever they please just as so many of the in-state students already do.


The type of person that should attend this school is any person that is dedicated and motivated to get a great, quality education, but most importantly it is the family environment Alcorn State University has to offer that should attract a person to attend my college. We have a warm community-based environment and can count on one another through every day. I believe as a student attending college that is the most important thing to have as one makes the transition from high school or a community college to a four year university. Choose Alcorn! It's right!


Someone who likes to party, doesn't mind long drives to get to the city and can build great relationships with friends. A student who likes going to class, and enjoys a college town. A student that can deal with the heat, and walking to class. Someone who is patient to deal with the Alcorn Run Around and someone who can cook for themself in their dorm.


Alcorn State University is all about "Knowledge and Character." Alcorn State University opens it gates to any student who is willing to learn and succeed. No matter what size, shape, or color a person may be, Alcorn welcomes anyone who is interested. ASU only allows those who are willing to make a name for themselves but also have that academic background from it. It wants those who can come in get their education and go right back out and represent Alcorn State University like a true Alcornite should.


A dedicated and very determined should attend my school. In order to attend any school you must show mass fortitude. To de deployed away from home on your own with no help. At Alcorn State University you must be one of the up most elite. This is a school that has history and you must continue on the legacy. My school is a school of pride and a legacy that will forever augment.


Anybody can attend Alcorn State University but some of the key features of an Alcornite is determination, pride, unique personality and confidence. Alcorn is a very outgoing university and growing more and more each day. If you are a different person looking for a unique scenery and can handle change Alcorn State University is the school for you.


Any person that is serious about their future should attend Alcorn State University. If you want an amazing college experience in a family like atmosphere, you should attend. Anyone looking for opportunities to advance themselves in whatever field that they're pursuing, should atttend Alcorn State.


You should be open minded, determined, and friendly to attend this school.


Only people with a friendly personality and good sense of humor should attend this school.


You should attend this school if yo are ready to learn and have fun at the same time. You should be able to put work before fun.


The students who want to attend this school should be ready to handle the rigrious courses. Try not to be distracted by the party life. Come to school ready to learn and to make your mark. Its very great to be respected by your peers.


Anyone who decides to attend Alcorn had better be focused. The professors/teachers are very serious about making sure we understand the material. There are lots of tutorials and tutors to help. Your fellow classmates can be counted on for help, also. The overall campus attitude is "we're all in it together, so we might as well help each other."


Any person that would like to have the black college eperience. Also, one who does not mind being off away from surrounding areas.