Alcorn State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is the hospitality and the friendliness of everyone. Mo matter what race, religion, or background you are from, everyone is accepted and treated equally.


The best thing I consider about my school, Alcorn State University, is that it represents the name to its fullest potential. I love the atmosphere, the school pride of my fellow students, and the history that it holds. I love to bleed the school colors, purple and gold, everywhere I go because I am so proud of its amazing achievements that it has made. The teachers are willing to teach us as the students are willing to learn. Alcorn State University, home of the Braves, happens to be more than what I have suspected before I came an Alcornite.


The best thing about Alcorn State University is it's a Historicial Black University, listed as one of the 120 oldest black university in America. It was first founded as an Agricultural and Mechanical College in the midwest rual side of Mississippi. The alumni is very diverse both local and national. It has one of the most greenest campes around. Growing their own natural foods, herbs and livestock for students and falculity. It grows pecan, fruits, such as peaches, berrys, and watermelon, and punkins. I love this university because it focus on the sucess of the students and their goals.


I feel the best thing about my school is their academic. The teachers believe in teaching and helping their students. This year, Alcorn won HBCU of the year. Someone noticed the hard work the students and teachers put in and they acknowledged it. I am glad to be a part of their academics.


The best thing about Alcorn is the family atmosphere. From freshman orientation until senior commencement students, faculty, staff, and alumni make you feel welcome.


I know I've made life-long friends in the time I've been here. I'm getting a great education. My professors are great, so far. I love the campus because it so beautiful. My teammates and I get along for the most part. I made the right choice when I picked Alcorn. My parents and friends were skeptical at first but after my freshman year, they understood why I love this school.


The best thing about my school is the environment. Our school is set aside on a resavor. It is alos a close environment. We are a fmaily and help each other out as much as possible. This includes faculity staff and students.


School Spirit and Greek Life