Alderson Broaddus University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


There are many excellent things about A-B College. From it being a small campus where everyone knows everyone to its location practically in the middle of nowhere where students do not have the choice to get themselves in trouble. Even though there are several positives about this college, I can easily say that my favorite thing about this school it the small classes and the available one-on-one time with the professors.


The best thing about A-B, to me, is probably where it is located. Philippi, WV is a small town where it seems like everybody knows everybody. Even though there isn't a lot to do outside of campus, the town has a friendly atmosphere, and the fact that the school isn't in a huge city with tons of places to go means that there are less distractions when it comes time to study. However, if one finds oneself with some free time, Philippi is within driving distance of many bigger cities that have more to do and see.


The small classroom sizes. The smaller classes make it nice to have the teacher student bond that we had in high school. You feel like the teacher knows you and knows your needs better.


The best thing about our school is the professors. They are extremely concerned about there students and make sure that every student has a fair chance to succeed. If a student is having a difficult time understanding, or just needs someone to talk to, the professors always leave their doors open and are eager to listen.


I consider the best part of my school being the small class sizes because that gives you more one on one learning time with your professors. I would also have to say I consider being close to home the best part about my school.