Alfred University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are very eclectic. They have many qualities and prefer a small town atmosphere.


Unique and free thinking.


My classmates were political, quirky, intelligent, challenging, opinionated, and forthcoming.


I've found the Alfred student population to be outgoing, adventurous, clever, and personable.


The classmates at Alfred University tend to be helpful, friendly, and relatively hard-working.


My classmates are great people. They are very friendly and willing to help each other. Upper classmen are approachable and helpful. There are a lot of my classmates with different skills and interests who are always open to sharing their experiences.


Classmates at Alfred are unique, creative individuals who are eager to explore new processes and ways of seeing the world while encouraging others to do the same and maintaining an accepting and inclusive attitude.


Make a lot of friends by putting yourself out there, stay true to what you are and people will follow. Dont follow the crowd just to make friends. get involved in what you are passionate about and of course dont neglect your school work.


I share most of my classes with athletes, and find it difficult to connect with people them. Despite the discontinuity in our personal lives, my classmates are very helpful and open to learning about new people. I frequently hear classmates talking about their active social lives; which entail campus activities, travel, and going to parties. There are a substantial amount of foreign exchange students, and some exeptionally gifted students in the college of business who account for most student leadership. On average we invest 40% of our time out side of classes on school work and 50% on extracurricular activities.


My classmates are all individuals and most of them are hard working amzing people.


We are close, and helpful to each other.


We have a diverse class that includes people with all different backgrounds and culture, along with people who work really hard in school but only have a C average and those who hardly work at all and get A's. It's really easy to make friends at Alfred.


A lot of students are friendly and easy to work with. But, there will always be some people who you don't get along with.