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Allan Hancock College

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What kind of person should attend this school?

In many ways Santa Maria resembles Los Angeles and has a city feel about it, so it is more for the independent crowd, but also for those who have to work, don't mind commuting, and want quality education without too much financial stress , this community college would be well suited for them. It is also well known (locally) for several above average programs such as dance, theater, culinary studies, a more lenient math department, and a longer semester period. Much of college is what you make of it, and with that philosophy anyone could excell here.

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The person who should attend this school must be community-driven. Each day, nursing students walk into institutions in this community. We walk in as students, but we leave as nurses, who will work in the community for years to come. We walk in representing the college and the community, therefore, compassion, caring and understanding have to be at the center of everything we do.

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Any student who wants to get ahead in the education and wants to go to a school that is a little more affordable than a four year should attend Allan Hancock College. It has campuses in more than two cities and it is very easy to get started with your education there.

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