Allan Hancock College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person not interested in being challenged should not attend this community college. Despite the reputation of community colleges to be less challenging than most 4 year universities, this college offers very few classes that don't demand a full time effort and commitment.


The school is often considered to be ?ghetto? in comparison to the other community colleges in the area. If you have a fear of diversity and prefer conformity or people ?just like you? AHC might not be the right school for you. Every class has people of all age ranges, ethnic backgrounds, political as well as religious affiliations and a story to tell quite unlike your own. If you fear the unknown, you may fear this school. But one can rest assured that everyone is in the same position striving for a better education to ensure for a better life.


Only those not interested in achieving an educational goal should not attend Allan Hancock Copllege.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend thid school is someone who can't necisarily motivate themselves. You really have to put yourself to the test and know that your gunna take part of your free time to finish projects and homework because no one in college is holding your hand along the way.

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