Allan Hancock College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myselft that college is easy and to just get it done.


Given the chance to talk to myself as a high school senior, I would probably explain that there is a higher level of stress, hard work, and money needed in college then in high school. Since college is preparation for life at work, I would recommend finding a purpose for college so that when deadlines are approaching you have something to work for and to remember why you are in college. I have found that I need to remember that I am making myself better, something I know is hard but will pay off. It is hard, but I know college is worth it. Working hard and giving it your all is also important because there are times when I remember not trying as hard as I could have. In the end, there is nothing I can do to repeat those moments; I just have to learn from them. That is why I now try to give everything I do all I have so I don't regret not trying later. Finally, I should have tried to get financial aid earlier. It is not easy to pay for college and every penny counts.


When I was in High school, I was a really quiet girl who hardly spoke in class, and even made friens. I was a girl who dindn't liked to speak due to the afraidness. I had a few friends who were from a higher class than me. I always thouht that they were much more than me. Day after day during break and lunch I would always go to my next class. I never had the opportunity to be invloved in any school activities because I though every one was going to make fun of me. I was always afraid to speak when I saw something was wrong. I was afraid to throw my Ideas out in society. Some advices I would give to myself If I was to go back to college would be not to be afray to speak, to get my Ideas out in society. I would tell my self that in college its up to me to get any help and that in college its a totally different life. College is more of involvement with your society. I would also tell myself that in college if "I dont Start to SpeakI Will Not Go Anywhere".


Going back in time to what I once was, a lost soul who really didnt have a desired decision on what i wanted to do with me life, attending a community college was the best decision that i could of started with. Transitioning to having more focus on school and my life then you do in high school, your working towards a destination and being in a cumminty college working on you general education requirements give you a really good understanding of what classes you like, hate, appreciate, and really learn from. Advice I would really give myself is to stay more focused, dont always try to please people just please myself and spread my wings to all new things like classes, hobbies, interests and even peeople. Not to always designate my self to one thing to go above and beyond. It makes you a great person and prepares you for what the real world has to offer.


I would have found a college and gone to it just to get a degree of some kind, then to find something that I was interested in then finish school to have a better life. Instead of waiting to go back to school in my 40's which is kind of hard for me to retain things, juggle class and family among daily life. I also have an injury so it is more of a challenge for me to do, but I am getting it done.


If I could talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself not to work to hard and to concentrate on schooling. I would have told myself not to get a job straight out of high school because it makes it harder to go to college. You can't take as many classes and its very draining. I would have rather taken more classes and graduated quicker than of gotten a job. I could've started making better money quicker if I would have been a full time student instead of part time. I know the main thing I was worried about was affording college. I would have also told myself that there are plenty of ways to afford college. I don't need a job to afford it. There are tons of scholarships, grants, and even student loans.


Wake up Sawyer and shake off that senioritis! You have scholarships to earn and apply for! I know you think you don't qualify for any scholarships because you aren't a minority and you aren't living in poverty but try anyways! You're parents can't afford to pay for both you and your twin sister to go to college and you won't make enough money at your low-paying, ice-cream serving job to support yourself, you need as much help as you can get! You can kiss your dream of starting Christian camps for children all over the state, country and world goodbye if you can't afford to go to college. Even though you are a great student and excell in all your classes, college isn't going to work out if you don't have the means. You should be doing all you can to earn that money that will be so crucial to your future. So hop to it missy! Fill out those scholarship applications and use all your supporters from clubs, teams, sports, teachers and church to help you out because you can't get to college on your own.


I would tell myself not to slack off in my classes and still choose rigorous courses. In addition, I would push myself to keep doing as many scholarships as I can because that money does help in the end. I would stop doing many scholarships because of all the work and essays each one required. As a senior, you focus on enjoying your year and kind of forget about your responsibilities. Therefore, I would tell myself to stay focused, try to save up some money for college and remind myself to sign up for some classes at the city college.


Buckle down and make it happen! These are the words that I would try with every fiber of my being to get my(high school senior)self to absorb. Just like with most things that we all dread in life, it is not the actual action that is hard to do but it is the idea of the action that impeads us from progressing. Considering the word "education," most people would say that you can't get one without thinking. But is the reality of this process better off started by not thinking and simply doing? I believe whole heartedly that if I had stopped thinking about it and just did it, I would currently hold a colleg degree. Knowing what I know now about college life, the advice that I would give myself is, "Buckle down and make it happen!"


One of the hardest ideas to grasp is that there is, in fact, enough time to do what you think needs to be done. With this in mind, SLOW DOWN! The burnout you may get is not worth the possibility of getting into *this* university, so carefully choose commitments and a lifestyle that is sustainable so that you can make a more profound difference. This is not the only opportunity that you'll have to get quality education and your decision will be respected. Whether it is clear to you or not , the universe is undoubtedly unfolding as it should.


If I could go back in time to my senior year in high school, I would tell myself not to procrastinate. I have been out of high school since 2001, kept telling myself that I wanted to wait. Well, waiting hurt me in the long run. When your not a college graduate it is hard to find good work that last. So, in 2008 I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and I will be attending Wallace State Community College for the summer of 2010. I can't wait, I know it will be a transition for me, but I have to think about what is best for me and my daughter. "There is nothing more important than a college education.", is all they ever say in high school and now I know that is the truth.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, knowing what college is actually like, I would say:


The transition from high school to college life came easy to me as I have always been very independent. My younger brother on the other hand, has had a difficult time with this transition. Watching him go through the emotions has been difficult for me and I wish I could have given him advice before his high school graduation. On that note, I started thinking more about my own transition. If I could go back in time and give myself advice it would be this - just because I had always been independent and taken care of myself doesn't mean that I shouldn't appreciate the support others can give you. I sometimes would shy away from other's advice thinking I could take care of myself, when in reality, I should have appreciated the support my family gave me. Take life by the horns, but never forget those along the way who are there to help you when you need it the most and don't ever be disgraced when you need to ask for help!


The first thing that I woud tell myself if I could go back in time would be to apply for every scholarship possible. I had no Idea how expensive college is. Not only are you paying for tuition there is also the cost of books. My books for my classes last semster where are about $300 alone not including out of state tuition which at most campuses is three times the in-state tuition. Its amazing how many different scholarships/grants are out there. I would also tell myself to save money like it was running out of style. I would tell myself to have two jobs in High school because its imposible to do so in college. That way I would have a little nest egg of funds for when times got really hard. Also if I could go back I would tell myself to work even harder academically because a lot of Universitys require a high GPA as well as a high SAT score. The higher those two numbers are the more forgiving the college is when it comes to finacial aid. Lastly, I would tell myself to have fun because you only go to college once.


Never give up on your education. Fight for it regardless of what the obstacles appear to be. Do research that will narrow down your career path; this helps in class and major selection. Be resourceful during times of harships and patient with yourself. Believe in your abilities. Don't sell out for easy money. A lucrative profession will not always bring you happiness, but an education will always be there to fall back upon. Remember that when you are feeling challenged you are probably on the right track.


Competition, jealousy and pride are heightened at this time in your life. Joey was accepted to Princeton on a full ride scholarship, Janice is going to the same school her entire family graduated from pursuing a prestigious private Catholic school education and you, well your just there right? Wrong. Everyone?s path is mapped out differently, every experience unique and no one experience right or wrong. When you walk on a campus you should feel as though this is where you belong and it should feel like love at first sight. If you don?t feel it, keep searching for that school. Do as best you can in your local school so that when you do find your dream school, you can attend it. Don?t gawk at the boy with a bone in his nose and if someone speaks Spanish put those three years of high school Spanish to good use. Ask that person in front of you what they?re listening to with their ipod every morning. Meet people you wouldn?t normally meet, you?ll be pleasantly surprised and learn a thing or two about yourself. Who knows maybe you?ll learn about Philosophy and Anthropology too.


I would say to apply to as many scholarships as you can so money is not an issue later on in life and that you will not have to depend on anyone and can be an independent person. Also to apply to your favorite colleges and look into them as much as possible, also to take trips to them so you have a feel for them. Most important to apply to what ever you are applying to the first day it is open so you do not procrastinate on anything and have less worries. Then jump into it and do not anything slow you down just go for what you want and reach that goal without being lazy.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to take high school more seriously! College is so important and takes alot of focus.


To be honest, I think it?s pointless to sit and think what kind of advice I would?ve given myself back as a high school senior. I find it dangerous to look back because it just may lead to regret. It?s not being fearful, it?s having the courage to tell yourself to stop going back and move forward. However, I will reflect a bit my senior year in high school. I remember most of my friends applying after one application after another and basically was on the ?right? track all through their high school years. I on the other hand, was never consistent enough to keep up with the others. My health issues got in the way of everything, but it also made me realize at the same time, ?Is doing what I?m supposed to do truly going to make me happy?? ?Is following the same path as the others suppose to mean I?m successful?? I can?t blame myself, nor can I advise myself. I?m a college student now and and I know it?s going to get better in time. I'm ready now.


As a high school senior I believed myself to be wise beyond my years and very independent, therefore I left school prior to graduation. If I could go back in time, I would convince myself to stay in school and continue with college as finances allowed. I would explain to myself the necessity and importance of education at all stages, not only for what is learned scholastically but the value of life lessons including patience, organization, and communication that are learned in an academic environment. I would stress the way that future employment situations are influenced substantially by an applicants educational accomplishments. I would also adamantly project how many more opportunities are available to those with a college education than to those without. I would prepare myself for the transition by speaking with former teachers and seeking their advice as well as using all counseling resources available.


If I could go back and talk to myself in high school I would tell myself to make sure I follow my educational dreams. I wasted a lot of time in college by taking classes that were for a major that I felt was "smart" and not necessarily a major that I was passionate about. Now I'm taking classes that I am passionate about that will help me attain my dream of running my own restaurant. Before I dreaded going to classes and I constantly doubted what I was doing with my life. I am not enthusiastic about my classes and even have created a general plan of where I want my life to be in ten years. I did waste two years though, not enjoying school, and wasting my hard earned money. I would hope my high school self could understand how important it is to do something that I am passionate about.


I have asked myself this question before and I believe as much as I thought I was so tough and ready for the real world after high school graduation, I know I really wasn't, nor am I now. I am alot closer now to being a little more mature but I still have alot to learn. After graduation I decided to attend the local college here in town and then transfer to a university later. I think that was my best decision yet and I know if I would have went away to a university straight out of high school I wouldn't have made it very far because I just wasn't ready for it. I know now I can be alot more determined and I can stick to my goals and succeed.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to fill out more scholarships. I would also tell myself to take advantage of the duel enrollment program to get a head start with college.


The only thing I wish I had been more proactive on during high school would be applying for scholarships/grants. I would just encourage me to apply for any and everyone I qualify for to avoid some of the worries that come with pursuing a college degree. I'd also say to take advantage of the book voucher that EOPS offers because you're only eligible your first semester and I missed it.

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