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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The advice i would give myself now would be to pay more attetnion to my school work, not to follow behond my friends and stay more foucused and more diligent. I would give my advice on whatever im going through at home or school dont let affect my school work and to keep pushing no matter what obstacles may come my way . I would also give my self the advice of not defeating myself befor i have tried. The advice that colleges look at everything you have done in high school and that determines weather they want you in their environment or not. I would give my self advie on theres a time for play and theres a time for being serious and doing your work.


If I got a chance to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would inform myself of all the experiences that come with going to college. I would tell myself that college life offers a lot more freedom and responsibility. I would also inform myself that hard work and perserverence greatly help in college courses. In college, opportunities are hidden, and I have to look out for them along the way. Friendships in college are essential. Therefore, I would tell myself to open up to a more diverse people I will meet. Getting to know people with different backgrounds and cultures can help perpare myself for the people I will meet in the future. Overall, college is a fun and informative opportunity to get ahead in life.


To apply for alot more scholarships and apply at other different colleges. study alot more to get prepared for studying 24/7


Not having gone to college after high school, I would definitely do things differently now. I would remind myself of the opportunities that I missed by not going to college. Then I would have been young and carefree, with no responsibilities, such as a husband, child, home and a job. My parents were willing to foot the bill at that time, now the responsibility of paying for college is all mine. I would have been right out of high school with all of that knowledge fresh in my head. Instead I had to learn Algebra and Chemistry after being out of high school for 25 years. That was not any easy task while managing a home, child and job. Also there is the fact that had I went to college after high school, I wouldn't have placed this financial hardship on my family by having to leave my full-time job, in order to become a full-time nursing student. Again, I would have been a carefree, no responsibilities teenager enjoying college life and getting my education before my family.


Rememeber to stay focused senior year! Do not slack off Senior Year! Your actions in your last semesters of high school will count, and can affect a college's decision to accept you in to their school. Make sure that you are talking to your counselor about college costs and about financial aid, loans, and even scholarships. Have your counselor sit you down and discuss the pros and cons of loans until you understand in great detail. Education is a very expensive investment, so be aware of the expenses of the school that you decide to choose. The transititon from high school to college can be rough, so make sure that when you enter college you are meeting with your advisor on a regular basis. This routine, will keep you academically on track. Also, do not be afraid to seek help in college. There are tutors and tutoring centers for a reason! "The worst question is the question never asked." Make sure you are not to asking for help the night before your midterm exam. College can be very exciting and fun at times, but do not get so carried away that you are having more fun than studying.