Allegheny College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Allegheny judges you as a person more than the grades you carry with you.


Allegheny College is a liberal arts school that provides a quality education.


My school is small but community focused. There are many students that love to do community service. School spirit is there but our sports teams suck. We like that there are many things to do within the campus, but the outside o the campus is horrible. Meadville is a dead city. To get anywhere you need a car. Learning here is hard. You need to give it one hundred percent in order to pass. The career office is not doing their job right in providing students with internships. The weather is beautiful in the fall, but scary in the winter.


Allegheny College is perfectly placed in a quaint little community which helps the faculty and student body alike excel; everyone from President Mullen to the men and ladies serving food in Brooks Hall is extremely friendly.


Allegheny College is the perfect blend of unusual combinations of students.


The professors at Allegheny College are not just teachers, but they are also your friends.


Allegheny is unique and unlike another college or university with its unusual combinations; it is simply amazing.


Allegheny College is a beatiful liberal arts college that substantially focus on writing and academic reserarch for undergraduates.


A lifechanging place to study.


Allegheny College is a school where intelligent students mix with brilliant professors who are completley devoted to helping them succeed and the perfect learning environment for any high school senior who likes learning a little too much.


Allegheny is academically challenging, but a school that allows tremendous self-discovery and growth.


Very attentive, small class sizes, and great students and professors.


You have to be smart or rich to be accepted and the students act like it.


Friendly, personable, and accomodating.


Allegheny College is a great small liberal-arts college that fosters academic and individual learning that is required to succeed in life.


Allegheny College is a friendly, enthausiastic school that really emphasizes academic achievement and strong student-faculty relationships; there are multiple opportunities here, everything from clubs and organizations, to varsity athletics, to musical ensembles, to research and internship opportunities and to study abroad programs.