Allegheny College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Allegheny College is best known for its motto "unusual combinations." Other than the motto, the college provides many opportunities in terms of majors/minors, sports, clubs, and other student involvements.


Allegheny is know for be a top liberal arts college that produces a lot of sucessful indiviudals.


Allegheny College is best known for I would say two things. First, for its interest in students with unusual combinations of interests. Allegheny is a place for students who show interests in a broad range of academic discourses such as mine: neuroscience, art, and music. Second, this College has one of the more higher graduate school placement rates. They almost guaruntee that once you have made it through undergrad at Allegheny you will get accepted to graduate school with no problems.


Allegheny is best known for is excellent academics. Allegheny is renowned as a challenging, elite, liberal arts college that fosters learning with service, sports, and activities.


Not to be stereotypical, but our "unusual combinations." Although my major is not a particularly popular major, there are many students who are minors in the field that are very active in both natural sciences or social sciences, as well as the arts and humanities. A typical circle of friends, or even aquaintences, includes people from many different academic backgrounds with very different future plans.


A rigorous academic school.


Being one of the top liberal arts schools of the decade. It's growing in popularity very fast because of the amazing academics and almost perfect size. It's diverse, friendly, environmentally safe, and a fun place to be while still being extremely focused on schoolwork.


Allegheny College is best known for its educational attributes and students ability to participate in lots of activities that help students grow socially. Going there offers a number of extracurricular activities but students also know why they're there, why they chose the school and what they want out of their education. So far I've met people I wouldn't normally interact with and have gotten involved with activities that have enhanced my experience. For example I've joined a fraternity, am a leader in the Outing Club, have a radio program and am a tour guide for work.


The natural sciences and especially pre-health. When you meet someone new 9 times out of 10 they say they are pre-health. Allegheny is also known (to those who have actually heard of it) for extremely vigorous academics. A common joke is among students is the slogan "Allegheny: where your best has not been good enough since 1815". On the same token however, graduates from this school have excellent reputations and are accepted in graduatuate and medical school with a very high acceptance rate.


Being a strong academic institution


Biology Department is valuable for the beginnings of doctors. Everyone in Pittsburgh thinks Allegheny is a good school.


My school is best known for the pre-med program, as well as our senior project.


Allegheny College, in my eyes is best known for the academic success rate and how anyone who graduates from there gets a great job within a few months or so after graduation. This school is also listed in the 40 best colleges/university book, that is what caught my attention as well as my mom.