Allegheny College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I love my school, but if there was one thing I would want to change it would be the lack of diversity on campus.


I don't like the lack of stores that are available near campus.


The "worst" thing about Allegheny is that there are only two dining halls on campus, and about half way through the semester, you get tired of eating the same types of things all the time. Also, at about that point, you begin to run out of either Munch Money, used only at the one dining hall or meals used at the other, so if your friends have more of one than the other, you may have to eat by yourself or have someone pay for you so you can all go together.


The worst part of my school is the distance it is from home. Also the fact that there are no trains or airports in the surrounding areas. Another bad quality about my school is the area where it is located has a limited amount of places to shop or have a social life. Meadville is a city but it is extremely small compared to what I am used too in New York City. The distance and location might just be the worst part about being at Allegheny.


Allegheny College is a very expensive school to attend.


Off campus activities are limited, and its small student body can either be a blessing or a curse.


The college has a relatively weak economic department.


For me, Allegheny is MUCH too liberal. I realize it's a liberal arts college, but I usually feel overwhelmed and would love a more conservative feel on campus.


The weather. It is always raining or snowing.


The worst thing about Allegheny College is the location. Meadville is a small town and there is not much to do outside of campus. Also, the winters are a lot worse than what many people are used to. Come winter time, the snow falls and it seems like it never stops.


Allegheny College is situated in one of the most boring cities I've every been to. There's a Greyhound bus to Pittsburgh but that requres money and a hotel is even more expensive, so you're basically stuck at the college. The only alleviation from the boredom are the tons of essays you have to write. After up to four essays for every class while you are enrolled here, Allegheny decides to pile on a senior research paper that can take your whole last year. Most students dread their last year, a time when they should be enjoying themselves.


The worst thing about Allegheny would probably be the winters. It can be very cold and snowy. There is lake effect snow sometimes so bundling up is a must. Another thing i dislike about the school is that I wish there were pottery wheels in the art department because as a studio art minor it would really help out in the ceramics courses and it is one of my stron points when working with clay.


the food and the weather because we are not far from lake erie so we get a lot of lake effect snow and there isnt much good variety in the food they serve here.


The worst thing is possibly the location. Allegheny College is located in Meadville and if you are from a city, it is hard to get to places like the mall and the movies. The airport is also almost two hours away. The city does not have a strong bus system so transporation to and from places especially if your home is far from PA can be difficult to find.


Not very diverse and not very focused on the science majors. Career counselors knew little about the fields and connections through campus were minimal.


There is not much diversity amongst the students. That includes social diversity, racial, financial, etc. For example, if you are not interested in partying, there is not much to do on campus on the weekends.


The work load can be a little much and you must stay on top of it to do well.


Amount of homework


The internet connection is really bad though they aretrying to make the campus wireless if youre trying to download or upload something you should just walk away use the bathroom and go to dinner and by the time you get back it should be done. The college has also had a real issue with housing. I was stuck in a quad in a converted lounge and were alienated by the rest of the floor for taking the lounge. Its not usual to put freshmen in extra rooms of a frat house...