Allegheny College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The person this school attracts is the person who values tight-knit, wholesome relationships with other people; the homely man or woman who sees life through the scope of friendship and networking. Greater is the accruement of lasting relationships than the accruement of pedantry.


A person who gets along with others. One that likes community service and loves to read books. They should be expecting to get C's and B's because A's are hard to come by here. Join as many clubs as you can, all trips that they take are free. One that wants to be an active member in the community and in the school. If you love attending, planning social activities, this is the school for you. If you love the warmth, go to Florida or South. If you like winter sports then this can be your school.


Allegheny is a tightly knit cohesive community. A person who attends should care about their education and future. There are so many opportunities for students to get involved, and they ought to be taken advantage of. Allegheny is also a judgement free zone. Students are respectful and accepting of one another, it's very open and safe campus. Someone who believes in learning and the goodness of people should definitely attend Allegheny.


Allegheny is not an easy college, I mean what school is easy? But the person that is planning on attending Allegheny must know that he/she has to work hard to succeed. If they were a slacker in high school, there is no way they are going to do well at Allegheny because it is a tough school but they need to be willing to do the work and if they try, then they'll be able to work well at Allegheny.


Allegheny College is for anyone who prefers a small college and where the professors talk to you instead of at you.


Anybody who is ready to learn and meet new people would love attending Allegheny. The students are interested in growing from their experiences and from what the people around them can teach them. The college is an incredible place to explore interests for students seeking close relationships with peers, professors, alumni, coaches, and administrators. The liberal arts experience is very important to all members of the college's tight-knit community. Allegheny's statement of community is a commitment made by the entire campus to demonstrate respect for all people.


At Allegheny, any student regardless of their race, sexual orientation, or social status are welcome. More time is spent studying than relaxing, but the students create a great atmosphere. If you are open to talking to people from different backgrounds and eager to learn about new things in all different fields of education, Allegheny College is the school for you.


Individuals with liberal perspectives who are open to the idea of exploring many different areas of study alongside their major focus.


Someone who wants to live in a small town on a small, pretty campus. Someone with a wide variety of interests. Someone who is hard-working and likes a lot of reading. Someone who values education.


An ideal person to attend Allegheny College is one who is a diligent worker and does not mind the immense workload that the institution presents. The attention given by the professors and the amount of opportunities for the students is one of the many good qualities about the school. The school is even ideal for a student who has not yet decided on a major. There is such a diverse array of courses available for the students. Any person looking into Allegheny College should be hard working and not afraid to let their voice be heard.


Someone should attend Ivy Tech if they have concerns about paying for college but are still driven to attend and become a successful member of society with an important career and life skills.


Allegheny is an incredible school for students who worked hard in high school and are ready to continue working hard while in pursuit of a higher degree. Allegheny is especially great for students who are unsure of what they want to major in. As a liberal arts school with a unique curriculum, students are given the oppurtunity to take a wide variety of classes to decide which classes they are interested in and which ones they are less interested in. Students at Allegheny should also be willing to try new things and to become very involved in the school community.


Someone who studies hard, but still loves to have a great time socially would be fit in perfectly at Allegheny. Then if a student wishes to know professors and even the President, that is possible. The people at Allegheny have high goals and study, so a student wishing to attend graduate school should defenityly consider this school, for it has incredible acceptance rates into graduate schools.


Someone who is not going to put off the required work. Also, people who are involved in organizations or sports do very well here.


A valuable student is someone who is driven, willing to take on a somewhat hefty academic workload, and most importantly someone who is willing to open his or her mind to new ways of thinking about the world. If you have many competing academic and personal interests (like an aspiring physics major who is also a budding artist, for example), then Allegheny is right for you. Their focus is on nurturing individual student's diverse interests by requring a major AND a minor in two different academic fields.


Someone who is dedicated to their school work. Someone who doesn't mind living in a small town and is okay with a lot of snow. Someone who is okay with knowing everyone at the school and people knowing your business. Someone who has an imagination and can make their own fun because the town is small.


Students who are interested in being pre-med would do great at this school. The classwork is definitely tough so only people who are really serious should go, but also those who are interested in being well-balanced in life.


You must be really self motivated to succeed. Classes are extremely tough- professors bend over backwards to help you out but if don't do the leg work, you will fail. Professors expect a lot from you and you must put effort into all of your assignments- blow off classes are few and far between. Discussion and participation are also required for success at this school. Students cannot be afraid to speak up, give their opinion and ask questions. Campus can also get a little dull so you have to be a creative thinker when it comes to having fun.


A student who is willing to work to do well in classes, and can handle a fairly high level of partying along with demanding classes.


somone focused academically. People who are not 100% sure what they want to major in or are willing to look at other choices. Someone who is willing to join clubs or other extracuuriculars to form a strong social life and have something to do since the school is in a rural town.


Students who are academically driven, but who may have a variety of interests, skills and talents they would like pursue in college.