Allegheny College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Allegheny College?


The person this school attracts is the person who values tight-knit, wholesome relationships with other people; the homely man or woman who sees life through the scope of friendship and networking. Greater is the accruement of lasting relationships than the accruement of pedantry.


A person who gets along with others. One that likes community service and loves to read books. They should be expecting to get C's and B's because A's are hard to come by here. Join as many clubs as you can, all trips that they take are free. One that wants to be an active member in the community and in the school. If you love attending, planning social activities, this is the school for you. If you love the warmth, go to Florida or South. If you like winter sports then this can be your school.


Allegheny is a tightly knit cohesive community. A person who attends should care about their education and future. There are so many opportunities for students to get involved, and they ought to be taken advantage of. Allegheny is also a judgement free zone. Students are respectful and accepting of one another, it's very open and safe campus. Someone who believes in learning and the goodness of people should definitely attend Allegheny.


Allegheny is not an easy college, I mean what school is easy? But the person that is planning on attending Allegheny must know that he/she has to work hard to succeed. If they were a slacker in high school, there is no way they are going to do well at Allegheny because it is a tough school but they need to be willing to do the work and if they try, then they'll be able to work well at Allegheny.


Allegheny College is for anyone who prefers a small college and where the professors talk to you instead of at you.


Anybody who is ready to learn and meet new people would love attending Allegheny. The students are interested in growing from their experiences and from what the people around them can teach them. The college is an incredible place to explore interests for students seeking close relationships with peers, professors, alumni, coaches, and administrators. The liberal arts experience is very important to all members of the college's tight-knit community. Allegheny's statement of community is a commitment made by the entire campus to demonstrate respect for all people.


At Allegheny, any student regardless of their race, sexual orientation, or social status are welcome. More time is spent studying than relaxing, but the students create a great atmosphere. If you are open to talking to people from different backgrounds and eager to learn about new things in all different fields of education, Allegheny College is the school for you.


Individuals with liberal perspectives who are open to the idea of exploring many different areas of study alongside their major focus.


Someone who wants to live in a small town on a small, pretty campus. Someone with a wide variety of interests. Someone who is hard-working and likes a lot of reading. Someone who values education.


An ideal person to attend Allegheny College is one who is a diligent worker and does not mind the immense workload that the institution presents. The attention given by the professors and the amount of opportunities for the students is one of the many good qualities about the school. The school is even ideal for a student who has not yet decided on a major. There is such a diverse array of courses available for the students. Any person looking into Allegheny College should be hard working and not afraid to let their voice be heard.