Allegheny College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing at Allegheny is all of the easy access to the facilities like the library, the campus center, and the wise center. The facilities provide anything you need collectively and stay open late for night-owls like myself.


The best thing about my school is the personal and open feeling between the professors and the students.


The size; it is small enough that I feel a connection with every person that I walk past.


Allegheny College provides students with the freeedom to explore a liberal education without specific academic restraints. Also, students, facutly, and staff are very welcoming as Allehgeny is a very postive and proactive campus.


The best thing about Allegheny is the personal and academic interests of most of the faculty. They care about how you are doing, if you're in class, and even your own well-being, which I don't think you would get at any other college. It is a small campus with most of the activities being on-campus, but if you ever need help with anything, your professors are the best people to ask.


The academics. I know that it is hard but so do a lot of the people who will see it on your application later. Grad schools are impressed by Allegheny undergraduates and I know that I will do well when I graduate.


The best thing about Allegheny is that they listen to the student's needs and do all that is possible to make sure that they can get what they want out of their college experience. I'm self designing my major, something that's not neccessarily easy, but the faculty and my advisors have gone above and beyond to help me through the process and make sure that I'm successful.


The integration of hard work and rigorous study combined with the necessity of giving back to the community. Tough academics are usually tied to competition between individuals rather than improvement for the sake of others and giving back. Allegheny really stressed the importance of community values.


I love Allegheny because it is a school of unusual combinations. Students who invest a lot of time into the rigorous course load succeed academically, but the over-achieving student body also manages to have a vibrant social life. I joined a sorority this year and instantly became part of the Greek Community, which has a strong relationship with the rest of the student body. There is no discrimination against anyone ? especially not between Greeks and Independents. We?re just a bunch of hard-working students stuck up in the snow.


Allegheny had so much to offer and if you wanted to see change, you could make it happen.


I feel that the student and faculty relationships are the best things at our school. They professers are always willing to help their students and I feel that they all truely want us to succeed in life. They are always available and will most likely give you their home phone numbers in case you have an emergency.


The professors are the best thing about this campus. Most are very powerful speakers, and not only give moving lectures, but they also encourage participation. They really encourage students to actively engage in the material in the course. The professors are also in their offices at least six scheduled hours a week and are available by appointment. When you go to get help from them, they are always extremely helpful and make sure you know what you're doing before you leave their office. Finally, they know that Allegheny has a heavy workload and they're very understanding.


I believe the best thing about my school is the small size class sizes. Smaller class sizes makes it easier to learn by having a more personal relationship with the professor.


It's all the undiscovered qualities which make Allegheny great. The caliber of professors is exceptional, and the level of academic expectations they have is incredibly high. You earn your B's here, and an A is a mark of distinction. That such an academically rigorous school - comparable to any ivy-league - could go unnoticed makes it unique.