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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Some things in life can be learned and some things in life have to be experienced. College is just one of those things that have to be experienced because college has so many unpredictable factors. There are a lot of factors that go along with going to college, and most individuals don?t even think about them before setting foot on campus. Factors such as those that fall in the lines of getting along with your roommate(s), managing time, spending time with friends, classes, and trying to find ways to make money and so on. That is the reason why, that if I knew what I know now about college, I think my transition from high school life to college life would have been a little easier. If I could go back in time I'd make sure that I told myself to manage my time properly, prioritize, and balance my weekly activities.Balancing weekly activities especially, because my first semester of college was stressful for me because I didn?t have that outlet of fun I needed. I studied so much that I didn?t make sure I had any fun, so therefore I always felt overwhelmed.


College life is definitely a big transition from high school. I would tell myself to continue striving for excellence and never take anything or granted. Being involved is the key. Whether it's sports, theater, or volunteer work, it all counts. Never settle for mediocrity when it comes to getting the job done.


I am an adult student returning to college after many years in the workforce. When I graduated from high school I was quite anxious to get out into the workforce, get married and start a family. I do not regret any of those things, however had I included college in those plans I can see how much added value it would have provided to those goals. My advice to myself would be to get a college education. I have done well for myself in the workforce, working my way up into a management position. I always look back and think that I could have achieved my successes much quicker if I had my degree. Returning to school now so many times during a course I think how valuable the information I am learning now would have been if I had it while working up in my jobs. Not only is the information I obtain valuable in my career but I see so much valuable information that can be applied to daily life. Successes I have made in my life could have been achieved so much quicker and easier had I obtained my degree early on.


The advice I would give myself would be to make my college choices based soley off what I want. I have seen many people choose a college to follow their friends or a boyfriend, this is not a good idea. No matter who you know going into the college, you WILL make new friends. When picking out a college visit them to figure out which environment feels the best for you. If you feel comfortable there it will turn out to be the right decision. It helped me to sit down and make a pros and cons list after I visited each college. Another aspect to consider is the academic path. Don't choose a college because your friends are going their if it doesn't even have your major. Also, choose the college that offers other activities that will make you happy such as sports or organizations. THe most important aspect to consider when choosing a college, pick the one that will make you the happiest because that is what will make your experience the best.