Allen University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The college life is exactly what you see on television. There are parties, games, and more. Once you go to college, stay to yourself. Do not get involved with a lot of people because that is how you get caught up in drama. Focus only on your education. If your education is going to be hindered, do not attend whatever you had planned for the day or night. Your professors are there to help you so use that to your advantage. If you are having any trouble, they will help you. Show plenty of school spirit because this could help you sooner or later. Do not try to fit in. Stick to your morals that you learned before you left to go off to school. Keep in contact with your teachers and staff from high school. You will eventually still need them for recommendations.


I would tell myself that college may seem easy, but its not. Also to stay focused and dont mess around and study as much as you can. You can still have fun and a life but be wise with your time. Be careful of who you hang out with for that can definately affect your studious tasks and dorm life.


Do not go to Allen University. Choose a university that does offer a Nationallly Accredited Nursing Program. Start looking at ways to pay for a different school. Do not choose to take the easy route.


My goal now on is to study for my VCAT test which is an exam I would need to take in order to go to medical school for veterinary medicine. Maintain a GPA of a 3.0 and pass the physical test for a three years scholarship for ROTC. The quote that I will always go by is “ you never know who is watching you.” I go by that quote because it true that why I always talk in manner way that can get me far through life. When I graduate from medical school I want to accomplish my career, make a wonderful family of mines, and want people to remember me as a wonderful person when I leave this earth. That’s why I planned my career before I made it to Allen. I wanted to be somebody that people wouldn’t mind me to be. I want my dream to start out hard an end out smoothly. Have a great smile on mother face to show if she need anything ,I wouldn’t mind helping her like she didn’t mind helping me a lone my way through school. I will always keep that in mind thought school.


My college experience has been really good so far. I love going to school, and everyday i think to myself "this is where i need to be in order to achieve my goal." College is the best experience, i have had so far. It has really put a view in my eyes, that this is the place that'll take me to my future. I am attending school to be a mortician and i am really looking forward to continue on my college degree to accomplish it. I have worked at a funeral home in my home town, and know that is what i want to do. To me it is really valuable for me to attend. No one in my family have went to college, and I want to see myself being the first one to go. I want to break the chain, and go to school so that my children in the future can have the oppurtunity as well. I hope that college can make my life style better in the future, and can help me put out a example to my kids, that anyone can set a goal and accomplish it.


I have met alot of new people with alot of different skills. I am glad that I have enrolled in college, and have found out I am good in the computer field. I have help students and staff with computer problems and even do work study in the IT Department of the college.


So far my college experience is a great thing in my life. I enjoy being in college, and I've also learned new things. Attending everyday is also very helpful and important to me because I am studying the career I want. I really valuate my experience in college.


My college experience has been phenomenal in good and bad ways. I have had the chance to broaden my horizons culturally, spiritually, and emotionally. I have had personal experiences that have allowed me to really concentrate on a major in the social service field. I have realized that I am here on this earth for a purpose. That purpose is to be of service to those in need. I know personally what it is like to be in the system and a part of the system. I just want to help make situations brighter for those who may not have a chance otherwise.


I'm am starting to learn more than I did in High School. I love the difference and variety. I love widening my knowledge even about things I already thought I knew.


College has been a great experience so far, I've learned many things about life, education, and myself. College is really a great place to be after high school, because college prepares you for a higher education and life. College has some of most amazing people, the teachers, the staff, and the students. I have gotten many things out of college, a big one would be college is necessary to succeded in life. College has gotten me to really understand why education is so important, I now know that education is money is the future, the more education more money, less education less money. College has not been a waste of time or money, it's worth everyone's time and money. It has been valuable to attend college because it represents the person I am or want to become. College students are said to be more educated, responsable, respectful, reliable, and more mature. College is all about growing up , becoming a better person, understanding life and becoming adults.


In my college experience I have got a lot from it. I got to do and see things that I didn't get to do and see in high school. Some of the experiences have been hard, but I have managed to bare and pull through. Allen University is valuable because once you become active in the activities that's being held, it's actually pretty fun.


I am currently a First time Freshman, I have learn so much already. In teh small amount of time of attending College I can truly say it is mandotory if you want to succeed. The value of attending college is the same value for your future. If you care about what you want for your life 20 years from now you will make that choice and get your degree. Time is precious and you will not want to waste it. The more time you spend procastinating teh more time you will waste for your future. Make the choice today before it's too late. I encourage others to attend college so they can better themselves and be guided in the right path for life.


Honestly, from day one of attending Allen University I can remember thinking to myself "Swantavia, What have you gotten yourself into". But as the year progressed and I made friends, I came to see that it was not half bad. I realized that, not only was this a small, religious HBCU, it was a school that offered many opportunities to its students. In my field of study, my professors work hard on retrieving grants and funding to help out with lab materials as well as the many internships that are available each year for students. I have gotten a sense of belonging as well as success from attending this school. The friendships that I have made will last a lifetime and I am truely grateful for that as well. It has truely been a valuable experience for me because I have been given so many opportunities to travel and see Medical Universities as well as highly ranked Graduate Schools. In the end one could say, "Never Judge a Book By Its Cover" because you will never know what the pages have in store for you. I'm glad that I gave this school a chance because it has helped me.


Allen University is a four year private college. I guess I can say that there are a few good things I can think of about Allen University. I feel that if you are a freshman trying to figure out what you want in life and you are not sure of what you really want to do, then I would try to persuade you to come to Allen University. Allen University does have some professors that will put their all into your future career. I feel that not all Allen professors are always willing to help and is there to try to understand their students. I have learned that you cannot trust any and everybody. You will meet people that will try to bring you down and it will be hard to find these people. I also have learned that Allen may have hired some professors just because maybe they could not get anyone to fill the positions because I have had teachers that have not known what they were teaching. I feel that they should really come and watch the classrooms before they just give some people jobs and they should have more majors.


I would manage my funds better, and have taken my classes a little more seriously.


I would have visited more colleges, not have listened to the best offer about financial aid. "Everything that appears to be good for you, usually isn't good for you." In my senior year of high school, I would have put a little more effort into my work and achieve that A instead of settling for a B average. The adaptation to college life was not that hard form me, because I live in New York City. Living here has prepared me for the "outside" world somewhat. If you can make it in the big apple, you can just about make it anywhere in the world!


Whatever school that you choose to attend to make the best out of your college years especially education. Your education is the most important in life.


College is a rewarding experience that effects the rest of your life. Choosing the best one for you is VITAL. Do plenty of research, visit campuses, check financial aid availability and speak with professors. Once you arrive to college, there should be a balance between your social, academic and spiritual life. Enjoy parties, but after you finish studying. Join a group that you can identify with, remain focused and remember your main reason for attending college-to get a degree. These things have contributed to my success. I have a 3.8 GPA, am a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc, a peer leader and I have joined a local church.




choose the one u think would fit you and visit all your choices


To all students and guardians. Before enrolling your child into any kind of college/university, there are certain produres that you must go through to comfort your undergradate child. For instance, go to the university and keep an update on the school and what they do. In addition, how the dorms look on the inside and what kind of activities they have for students on campus. Just get a good fill on the university by gathering as much information that would be in most comfort of your enrolling child.


The advice that I would give to future college students and their parents would be to research each prospective school and then decide. I would advise parents to find out about on and off- campus housing and financial aid before attending. Also, campus visits are very good to go on especially if the students or their family has never visited the area. Look into clubs, athletics, and fraternities/ sororities (not sure of spelling) for further interest. Another great thing would be to look for is; scholarships because loans are always going to be there.


You should compose a list of things you believe your ideal college should attain. From a suitible financial cost, extra-curricular activities to post-graduate services. Visit all your prospects colleges more than once. Ask a ton of questions not only about the school, but the professors. Do they primarily teach there or at another university (it'll make it harder to schedule meetings in most cases.) Ask to see the dorm facilities. Find out if everyone has a thermostat in their own room or if there's only one for each floor?


I would advise doing as much research about the school as possible, which means vistiting the campus as well. I would also advise having an open minde when searching for a school. I choose a school that wasnt even on my list, which has turned out to the best school for me even with its flaws. As for getting the most of the college experience, I would advise getting envovled with many different extra things, such as tutoring, researching, student government, and frats and soros. Remembering that you the student will make the school and not the school making you is the key.


The advice I would give parents/ students about finding the right college is to make ure the college is going to be able to fit why you are going to school. Many people choose specific colleges because of the location, wether its getting away from home or staying home. Also that they are there to get a good education not to fit in, because many students now tend to what a sense of belongingness to a certain group of people, but if you are yourself then friends will come. The college experience will come, infact it already began when your parents dropped you off to go, don't be in a rush to find that experience because it will either make you or break you.