Alliant International University-Alhambra Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


It looks like Mom and Dad were right. Study, look people in the eye, don't spit on the sidewalk, shake hands, don't smoke, it DOES get harder when you get older, these are the golden years, love your body, don't let your best friends slip away, drugs and alcohol really do ruin people's lives. Everything you do now defines who you will become. The memories of the people you hurt and shamed will haunt you, and the people you didn't have time for might have been the best ones to hang out with. Nobody will remember who was cool or popular so don't waste your time with it. Whatever you think are problems now, will be things you laugh about in 10 years, although it's unlikely you or anyone else will even remember them. Be nice. Say "thank you" the the teachers and staff who are giving their lives to help you- some of them will be gone before you grow up enough to realize you missed your chance to do so. Yes, parents suck sometimes: see how well you do with life and kids and marriage before you point you fingers.

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