Anthem College-Maryland Heights Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Michelle i want you to know that life is not easy but its well worth the wait. Dont allow your peers to influence you in a negative way. be who you know God has made you to be. Dont shy from loving others and being the independent, charismatic girl you are. never give up and realize the IMPORTANCE of GOOD relationships and the DESTRUCTION of BAD relationships. Have fun with your parents and listen to them. tell them how you feel about life and understand that they are doing their best. Also write a letter everyyear to summerize whats going on in your life and how you are feeling. these letter you will give to your children so they can see and understand that you were once their. Find a church home so you can be rooted and grounded. Fellowship is important to complete development. Write the stories down and the dreams. Keep in touch with those you see potential from in high school just as aquintances because they may be your boss or a good reference one day.

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