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Compared to the other schools I considered, Alma is certainly the smallest. And because of this you are never referred to as a number. There are dozens of professors and just workers around the school that know me on a first name basis. It's really nice, you know, to be seen as a person and not just another random student walking around.


The classes here are small and they accomodate what you want to learn. Having smaller classes means that you are a person not just a number, and your professors know you by name! Even though it is a small school, there are still plenty of activities and social events to go to and enjoy yourself.


Alma College is a place where anyone fits in. The first time I visited the campus random strangers, students who attended, would say, "hello" and offer to show me around. The campus is gorgeous and to my initial surprise it is the students who work so hard to maintain its beauty. Also, the recycling program at Alma College is phenomenal. And the College is always willing to try new ideas to conserve energy and protect the environment.


Alma College is a small, private college with specific attention paid to each student. The professors know our names and how to contact us, they're easy to get a hold of, classes are personal, it's a better learning environment (for me) and it was the education I wanted most.


There seems to be a big focus on community activities and the relationship of the students with the teachers. Everyone is closely-knit here and pretty much knows what's going on with the students around them. For this reason, no one acts too out of the norm thtat would give them a bad reputation. Also, everyone is really friendly to want to help another with schoolwork or otherwise. Other schools seem to be have their students very off, by themselves, but at Alma, there is always someone willing to sit by your side.


I have found that the teachers are very involved in the campus as well as interacting with the students. I also enjoy how small some of the classes are with very close connection to the proffessors. I really enjoy how small campus is the longest walk which i never do is a five min walk.

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