Alma College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The difficult of the class work and how each professor thinks they are the most important class on campus.


The location isn't great. There isn't much in the town.


Most students live there and transfer students aren't as common, but they still are able to fit in.


Food plans and class schedules would have to be the worst things about Alma college. Meal plans are very limited you only have the choice of 5 plans to chose from and out of them none of them works for you. Scheduling you classes are difficult because some classes are letting anyone in even when their not majoring in that department.


Personally, the worst thing about Alma College is sometimes I feel out of place due to lack of income. Alma is an expensive school and it seems to have two types of students 1. Wealthy and 2. Intelligent. Although I am smart for my age sometimes I feel slightly out of place becaue I do not have a lot of money in my family.


It is difficult to pick something 'wrong' about this school, but I suppose I could say that worst things are the cost (money-wise), and the fact that, sometimes, there is so much work, that it is hard to keep up a social life. I had a scholarship for my tuition while I attended, but I saw lots of other people having trouble, financially, with the school. Also, books and supplies were often very costly, especially since I was an art student too.


Well I would consider the food to be the worst but it is good food for college food. We dont havemany choices in food either just basicly two places. one bad thing about the college it kinda is its own world not to much comes in or out of the campus though some students choose to leave and come though they dont need to.


I love Alma College, but I wish there was more racial diversity. I do know that the numbers have increased in recent years but it isn't enough. I also know that Alma is constantly trying to pull in students of different backgrounds, but you can't force someone to go to a certain college. Even without the racial diversity, Alma still exposes students to many different cultural opportunities all through college.

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