Alma College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Alma College has rigorous academic expectations for its students. If one does not have an interest in working hard to achieve an excellent education, this school is not for them. Those unable to self-motivate will not succeed and will most likely not make it past the first semester. If an individual is uninterested in the liberal arts then they will be unhappy at Alma College because the entire academic schedule is based on it. Finally, a person who does not like to spend ample time volunteering and giving back to the community will not integrate into the social atmosphere.


If you are not willing to work hard, than you should not come to Alma.


I don't think there is a person that should not attend Alma, but I guess if you don't have goals or like challenges then Alma is not for you.


Well, Allma is a very prestegious and schollarly school. So people who aren't going to do their homeowork, or think that college is all about partying shouldn't atted Alma College.


someone whos career can be done in two years. this is a libral arts college and you need to take extra class that might not have any thing to do with your attened major. Also, Alma is a tough school. if you are a slacker i would suggest not going to alma. here the class loads are hard and there is no way for an easy "a".


someone who doesnt want to learn and comes here just to play sports or be apart of any other extra curricular activities because if you dont do well in your school work you wont be eligible to participate in those activities


If you don't care about learning or advancing yourself academically, don't come here.


A person that is unmotivated and does not enjoy a small campus.

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