Alma College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Alma College has amazing opportunities for its students but they are not thoroughly discussed with the incoming freshmen. In order to prepare for those experiences students need ample time, however they are not given a lot of information. I wish that I had known the specific details about all of the opportunities offered because there is not enough time to prepare for them by the time the college chooses to inform its current freshmen.


That I would love it!


I knew most everything about this school before attending it since I have lived near campus most of my life.


I wish I would have known about more scholarships and grants. I have a lot of loans to pay back.


I wish I had known that I didn't have to have everything figured out before choosing Alma.


I wish my high school teachers would've emphazied college life and what it was going to be like. I came in and had reality thrown in my face. I was away from my family, friends and everything I was used to. For me the first month was the hardest to get used to because I've been surronded my friends and family my whole life.


i wish that i had a check list of things that i would need and didn't need. i also wish that someone would have said, "make sure you have some money saved up." money is needed for food, extra activties, and books. I never realized how expensive a book could be till i camed to college.


If I were to choose , I guess I wish that I knew the amount tuition increases each year. Also, I wish I was aware that my AP credits wouldn't transfer in as anything beside general credit. That was rather upsetting.


I wish I knew how much studying this school and classes here actually require.


How much work college is.


I wish I would have known that there is very little to do in Alma. There are plenty of things to do within the college; sports, groups ect. but the surrounding area is very boring. There are very few places to go out to eat, go out to have a drink, and the closest place for these is 20 minutes away.


I wish I would have known of all of the extracurricular activities so I could have planned better to join them at an earlier point in my school career.

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