Alvernia University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for their strong relationships. Faculty at this university are very invested in their student body. They form strong relaitonships and are very interested in the student's success.


volunteer work


My school is well- known for its religious affiliation and history as a university.


My school is known for its outstanding faculity and devotion to the Franciscan values in our daily lives. Alvernia strives to show us how not just to be great students but also great people. They offer many activites to get us involved in the community and help the greater Reading area.


My school is best known for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Alvernia University is a very small campus where mostly everyone knows each other. I find this type of environment easier to adapt to because it feels accepting and more like home. Alvernia University is also known for its growth. The school recently became a university and has undergone many changes to better the campus. More majors are now offered and more housing options are now available.


Alvernia is probably best known for their eclectic offerings for students. The have education, nursing, clinical services ( AT, OT, PT) as well as many course in criminal justice, law and forensics. It is a small campus, only about 2500 students which makes it more appealing to me.


Alvernia is best known for its business, nursing, and its prelaw academics.


It's education programs.


Drinking (although you can be busted if caught), volunteer service and giving back in general, Catholic-Franciscan background, and the ability to exceed expectations.