Alvernia University Top Questions

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It's one of the few schools in the area that had a legal related major.


very small so small you can stand in one spot and point to other buildings but thats that good thing about it. small classes so one on one time with teachers


Alvernia is unique in the way I feel when I am on campus. I feel safe and comfortable while I am there. I also feel that everyone at the school wants to help who ever needs it.


The college I chose is a Catholic college. This is a unique compared to the other colleges I have considered. I think that the religious aspect with complete the experience of school and make me a more rounded person.


Having the small class sizes really helps in the learning process.


It is a small school and everyone is so helpful and it's a catholic school.


The small classes. Also how well the teachers teach, they make sure you understand the material.


Alvernia offered me an opportunity to stand out as an individual. I was able to bring who I am to extracurricular activities (and the classroom) and contribute to the enviornment. Students are encouraged to get involved. The professors helped prepare me for graduate school and helped me develop who I am as a person. I look at college as an opportunity to develop the self. And the whole of the Alvernia community really helped to make that happen (friends, faculty, other students, etc).


Very clean and greatly expanded the campus from when I started.