Alvernia University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Alvernia is a very welcoming place and it has a safe environment for all students. Alvernia makes its students feel connected to each other because the campus is so small.


The best thingn about Alvernia is the size. It is very small and has a very home- like feel to it. This makes the classroom environment nice because you can really understand what you're learning and you're not just another name and face in the crowd. Everybody here is not only working towards their own goals, but helping other people achieve theirs too.


The best thing about Alvernia University is the engagement within the classrooms. The professors are excellent in getting everybody involved and making sure everybody understands the material. The professors thuroughly enjoy teaching and it is shown in the classroom. The classes are never over 40 students which makes it easy to be known by the professor.


I actually like how small the classes are, professors and doctors can work one on one with you more and you're not just student # whatever.


The best thing about my school, Alvernia University, is everything. It is impossible to say one thing that this school does best. I love the fact that if I ever need help, there is always a staff group aviable for help. This school sets us up for success, not to take our money and watch us fail. They want the best for us and I am willing to do my best to spread how amazing of a school this is. I was given an equal oppurtinity to succeed and to get to where I want to be in life.


The best thing about Alvernia University is the education that I am reciving is pretty good. The small classroom settings and the friendly professors are also a plus. I can say as a Freshman, I am so far happy with my choice of going to Alverina University.


The best thing about Alvernia is the community. Everyone seems to get along great with everyone else and their student to professor ratio is phenomenal. The classes are small enough that you get that one on one time with the professor and it gives you the opportunity to get to know them as well as them get to know you! Everyone looks out for eachother and thats what I love most about Alvernia University. I couldn't have chosen a better college.


Small classes, access to teachers and materials.


The best thing about Alvernia is the relationship the teachers make with their students. They truly care about everyone being successful. They are extremely helpful in scheduling meeting times and going over any questions or concerns you may have. This school really promotes you as an individual rather than just a number.


The teachers are the best part about the school because they are personal people with families and desires just as the students. They believe in the advancement of our well being and want us to find a job meant for us outside of the school. The teachers want us to pursue higher degrees but they do not really tell us how to reach those goals.


The campus is local to where I live which enables me to commute. The counselors and advisors are very helpful. They try to answer any questions and return calls with information that they needed to find. I also like the ability to schedule classes around my work schedule and still attend full-time. The campus is very nice and offers many ammenties like exercise classes and a commuter lounge for their older population.


In my opinion, the best characteristic of Alvernia University is the size and opportunities. I consider the campus size to be an important aspect because personal attention from the professors encourages me to be successful and make a difference in the classroom. Another great thing about Alvernia University is the opportunities that all of the students experience before graduating. Forty hours of hands-on volunteering is required before graduation. By doing community service, I was able to narrow down what field of nursing I would like to enter after I graduate.


I like the fact that I am able to begin my major coursework within the first and second year of my degree and that I am able to get my Master's degree in five years. I have made some great friends and we support each other always.


Though it is very small, the small group settings allow you to meet and get to know more people on a more personal level.