Alverno College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


All the women here are so welcoming and it is definitely something you see immediately in the Alverno community. This is a place of encouragement and empowerment!


Motivated and hard-working students, that have dreams for their future and are not afraid to step out of their comfort zones, learn, and help one another to help achieve all around success!


The students at Alverno College are friendly and are there to learn. They will smile and make eye contact with you because they have learned the basics of being a professional in the working world.


My classmates are very hard working women who are determined to have bright futures after graduation.


My classmates are a small group of women of all ages, who are not only determined to get an education, but excited to do so as well.


Most of my classmates consist of high school graduates who are younger than me.


My Classmates at Alverno are diverse in many aspects like age, socioeconomic statues, and culture, but we all contain the same goal of graduating college and getting our dream jobs.


Classmates are very helpful when you don't quite understand what is going on,it's better to get a students perspective. Everyone in the class environment gets along. The class structure is group settings and a lot of culture diversity which everyone gets to know everyone.


My classmates are Intelligent, Interesting individuals whom allow me to be myself.


Alverno student peers in the Nursing program are very driven and determined women. Many have come from a long hiatus from school and others have transferred from more traditional universities. The student body is very diverse in age, experience, and lifestyle. Alverno classmates were hard working and grateful to find a good fit at a college that cares about their personal and professional development. It is an extremely competitive and rewarding program with the benefit of a well rounded profession mostly guaranteed upon completion.


They are very friendly. Everyone is active and willing to help each other out.


They are easy to get along with and very helpful.


A lot of them are really nice, of course there's always going to be people you clash with.


My classmates are women focussed on bettering themselves by through education.


Alverno College students are intellectual, determined, strong, independent women, who are looking to make a differnce in the world.


Everyone is always willing to help.


My classmates are very open minded and helpful in all situations.


most know what they want to do once they are done here at alverno.


A lot of Alverno students are very religious. I am not so that very occasionally makes for a strang situation. Also on campus most of the students commute and are older. They are more motivated and that is one of the reasons I like Alverno. I've made a few friends but others I'd choose not to befriend. Also a lot of women find Alverno as therapy and disclose aukward information on the first day of class that is TMI! (Too much information)