Alverno College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for its challenging yet helpful curriculum. It's known for it's small classrooms, it's faculty that know you by name, but it's most of all known for being a school that focuses on women, strong women, and getting them where they want to be in life.


Alverno is a college that is unique and values what is important to me. It offers more than just an education. Instead, its a college that helps me broaden my skills, in an environment where I feel comfortable being myself. I desire to be part of a well rounded learning experience that prepares me for life after college.


Our school is best known for the teaching and nursing programs. In addition, it's also known for being interactive, having small classes, and having an ability-based program.


My school is best known for having smaller classes and a good nursing program.


My school is best known for their unique ways of teaching. About their eight abilities, and the student and teacher interaction. It is also known for having the most opportunities to learn and interact freely with your peers. Communication is one of the eight abilities. The students that attend Alverno College have the opportunity to learn things in their unique ways, and styles of learning.


Its small class sizes and its focus on student achievement.


Using eight ability grading system instead of actual grades and for being an all womens college.


Alverno is best known for being an all women private college, being a nursing school, and our billboards that are almost everywhere in Milwaukee.