Alverno College Top Questions

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The learning enviornment at alverno is extremely interactive. It is engaging and it gets every student involved. There is no one sitting in the back of the classroom being ignored. Everyone, plays a part in the success of the classroom.


Alverno is unique because not only is it a school for women but it helps students develop what they call the “8 core abilities”: Communication, analysis, problem solving, valuing, social interaction, developing a global perspective, effective citizenship, and aesthetic engagement, these are the skills that employees look for. Alverno is more than just a college; it is an advanced establishment that not only educates but also trains and will equip me with skills to contend in this competitive and ever changing world. Other schools that I was considering did not have this type of program.


Alverno gives validations in certain skill sets such as, problem solving, analysis, global perspectives,etc. These take the place of standard grading. The skills that Alverno provides are key in being sucessful upon graduation instead of just regurgitating information. Alverno also offers scholarships/grants to the majority of students. This helps in keeping the cost down. Classes also are no bigger than 20 students so you get one on one time with professors instead of being lost in a sea of 300 students in a lecture hall. This school really works to meet the needs of each individual student.


The best thing about my school is, we are not given A,B,C grades. We are given an U or S. At Alverno instead of using grades to determine success we are given feedback from professors letting us know what we did well and what we should work on. Along with the feedback the students have to complete self-assessments after each assessment also known as tests at other schools. This is done so the students can reflect on their learning throughout the course and assessment themselves on their weakenesses and strengths.


The ability-based curriculum and the emphasis on self-assessment is what makes Alverno College stand out from any other college. In the real world, you are not graded but judged on your ability to complete tasks efficiently. Therefore, the bulk of our work here includes giving presentations, completing projects, and writing papers; any assessments we have are typically filled with essay or short answer questions. Upon completing an assignment or assessment, students evaluate how well they met the criteria using evidence from their work. Accurately assessing one's own work is an important skill to have upon graduating.


The class sizes are small and feel alot more safe than other schools. The atmosphere is more like a family than a school.


It is an all women's college and that is important. It is great to meet women of all cultures. I can study hard and not worry about men interfering. You feel comfortable that you can focus on studies insted of relationships.


We are an all girl school. Alverno does not give grades, but rather satisfactory or unsatisfactory. This allows students to do the best they can with the feedback given from teachers. Alverno College challenges you in more ways that one. Feedback from professors allows you too succeed at everything you learn. Our school helps out in so many ways such as tutoring opportunities for students, internship staff, career help, on campus job opportunities, etc. Overall, Alverno College is unique in all ways compared to other colleges. The help students receive here is remarkable and extremely beneificial.


That this is a small private that is all women in the undergraguate programs.


The small classes and that teachers are not just teachers they are your friends too.


More then half of the school's population is made up of Hispanic and African American students.


small classroom sizes and curiculium. Style of teaching, very hands on.