Alverno College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person whi should attend this school is someone who is open minded, focused and determined to succeed. You will be surrounded by a loving and helpful environment at Alverno. There will always be someone there to help you, but it is up to you to put in the work. While in high school I had a very difficult time. I was bullied and did not do well academically. Whether or not your story is similiar to mine, I encourage you to come to Alverno and experince first hand an encouragement environment and be surrounded by strong women.


Women who strive for academic success and excellence choose Alverno College as their higher education institution. Alverno’s unique curriculum and small class sizes offer students an opportunity to become: empowered, strong, and intelligent individuals. The unique ability based teaching style strongly emphasizes core abilities: communication, problem solving, valuing, analysis, aesthetic engagement, effective citizenship, social interaction, and developing a global perspective. Each ability pushes students to great lengths to: learn, understand, attain, and apply course material in the real world. Students searching for a positive and lasting educational experience should apply to Alverno College and invest in a bright future.


If you are focused on your college career, ready to work hard to earn your degree, and want to feel a sense of family with in college, Alverno is the place for you. Alverno's main focus is you and helping you accomplish your dreams in what ever they may be, no matter who you are. Alverno contains an amazing atmosphere that embraces learning and embraces every ability that is necessary in being successful in the real world. Alverno is not just a college, it becomes a family that welcomes you with open arms.


People open to new ideas and that keep an open mind. If you aren't open to new ideas or ideas that differ from your own you will not thrive here. It doesn't matter what your race, religion, or political party affiliation is, but if you aren't accepting of others or learning new perspectives it will be difficult to attend this school.


The type of person who should attend Alverno is anyone who actually wants to learn. Alverno will push you and they are a school who wants to teach you everything they can. If you want to go to college for the parties then Alverno isn't for you but if you want to go there for an education then it's the right place for you no matter who you are or what your background is.


Alverno provides an ability based curriculum to women who want to further themselves for the working world. They teach you life skills and help you apply them interactively. You will walk out a graduate of Alverno and never forget the lessons which you were taught. I am more part of a community, than anywhere else, here at Alverno College.


The kind of person that should attend Alverno college shall come with many different personality traits, such as a positive attitude, independent, caring heart and loves to help others. The students at Alverno act as a team, so you should be willing to work with groups and assist other students in various ways. We at Alverno are commited to a successful education, which prepares you for the world and hit the ground running.


Alverno College is an all girl school. Its focused on motivating women to make a difference and become more independent . Alverno is for students that feel more comfortable with smaller class rooms. Alverno focuses on small groups; disscusions between students are very important at Alverno because the professors evaluate you on how well you understood the subject and how well you can paraphrase it and compare and contrast.


I think that the person that should attend this school is someone who is intelligent and is willing to try new things to learn and succeed in life. Someone who believes that higher education is essential. I believe that earning a degree would open the your opportunities to have a better life.


The kind of person that should attend this school would have to be someone who is willing to be challegened and ready to take on some pretty outgoing classes. This school is a all womens college so you would have to be a girl but this is a great school for a women of any age ready to take on the life style as a student ade get ready to finish will a degree that they will love!


Anyone who wants a good education and is willing to work hard.


People who aren't afraid to challenge themselves academically.


Anyone (women) seeking education, support, preparation for their future... Uplifting and inspirational institution.


A person who is serious about achieving and willing to work hard to attain their degree.


a person who wants small class sizes and want the one on one with their teacher


Someone who is willing to put their life on hold to graduate. Your focus has to be 100% school. The professors expect a tremendous amount out of the students. Someone who is content with their social circle, because there aren't a lot of options for activities or social events that one would like to attend. There are no soroities and the school lacks in sports opportunities.


A female to begin with, but usually someone who likes an alternative kind of institution. There are no grades, per say, so many of the students are women who may not have succeeded at another college. Many of the women are alternative students as well, IE they are returning to school after many years away, they have children or they work full time.


A goal oriented female, looking for a very liberal college with a strong acedemic future. This person should not be looking for an easy road or a school of partying, but rather a school of very high acedemic standards and a different way a viewing learning.


Alverno College has a small, safe campus which is located in quiet neighborhood, not far from several shopping centers. Alverno greatly emphasizes developing social skills by engaging students in groupwork and speeches. There are also services offered such as medical, fitness, housing, safety, job, and daycare, which greatly administer to the needs of its students. If a person is looking for any of these things, then Alverno College is the best place that they could possibly attend.